The Never-Ending Story by Michael Ende

If you are looking for an opportunity to explore the depths of your imagination with a unique taste of creativity and adventure, please read Michael Ende’s “The Never-Ending Story”.

Movie Version:

At first there was a movie adaptation that many of us watched.  The movie expressed a light hearted adventure aspects of live characters interacting with imaginative puppet character.

Through the adventure, we follow Bastian as he discovers a special book that he finds that reaches out to him.  The book is called “The Never-Ending Story” and as he reads it up in an attic of his school, he unveils the adventure of Atreyu, a hunter who is on a quest bestowed by the childlike Empress to save Fantastica from the “Nothing”, the embodiment of non-existence.

It turns out as Bastian reads the book, he reads it in the present moment.  The story as Bastian reads coincides with Bastian.  It is as if Bastian is reading the story of his life as it is going.

Bastian and Atreyu both adventure together throughout Fantastica learning the secrets of the land, meeting many interesting and loving characters, while facing the darkness that grows in their pursuit to save the world of Fantastica.

Book Version:

If you haven’t read the book, please do so.  There is a complete new adventure that even further explores the heights of Fantastica and the characters within.

The adventure shows the heros in a much more developed way in their attempt to save the world.  The adventure goes through a darker element of the story and how the heros overcome the darkness within the world and themselves.

Starting from nothing, from a single grain of sand, Bastian explores the powers of wishing to create the world of Fantastica anew.  Bastian becomes the story teller within the book he was reading.  Now within the story itself, meets the characters he sought first hand.


The book has many elements that is related to real life.  Thus, giving us readers of the insight of how we have the power to write the story of our lives.  Through our imagination, we could be whatever we want to become.

Our mind is everything, what we think is what we become.  – Buddha

The above quote shares how we can create our lives like the story of the Never-Ending Story.  Like the title, the story does not end, but continues throughout.  As authors of our lives, we have the chance to create a story that touches within our very being.

A further direction of the Never-Ending Story is about character development.  Literately, the childlike Empress gives Bastian a chance to reach his potential giving him the foresight of what he could become.  Bastian develops with the help of his friends.

As Bastian, we also have the opportunity as well.  We can always pursue the potential within us and create the story around us.  We make the possibilities grow with our imagination touching our very essence of what we really want.

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