A View of Life Within a Cave

In a recent trip, I had a great opportunity to see the Hwanseongul Cave east of Seoul, South Korea near Samcheok Beach area.  The cave was more than just an ordinary cave.  

It was a steep climb to get to the entrance and with the sprinkles of rain and cold air, it could be a bit slippery if you didn’t have a good tread on your shoes.  Luckily, there was a rail bus.  It cost a little and you must be patient with the lines, but you can get to the cave in no time.

The experience was actually pretty good.  It looked like an amazing cave already, but as you explore the paths you can catch a story with each juncture and significance.  There is a story of the cave in what seems like the path of an adventure.  As you walk in throughout the paths, you can see various rock formations that resemble something familiar. 

Thus, this gave a great idea on a blog entry on the thought of a cave and how such a dark place can be brought in the light.

A Cave

A cave is a dark place with many chambers throughout leading from tunnel to tunnel beneath the rocks.  It is simply a place where we cannot see due to the darkness that encompasses the walls.

Could a cave be much more?

A Cave as a Story

Now, this is when a cave changes to much more than it is suppose to be.

Did you ever imagine a cave like a blank page in a book?

As we write a story in a cave it lights up.  Each description brings up more detail in our story.  A story could be made up of a few simple words for our imagination to create the possibilities…

It is up to the writer or the story teller or even the adventure within the cave to lighten up the surroundings.

With each detail describing in a story, it can give readers a chance to explore there imagination and to become coherent with the writers imagination.

How could we shape what we do not see?

The answer to this is the use of our imagination.  We can write the story.

It is great to see a perspective and relation to various things around nature and us.

The cave is a natural part of life.  It is a place where there is a limitation between the walls and space within.  As always, we can bring in the light and carry it throughout.

The story reveals a path in the cave.  It enlightens the writers to explore imagination and the surrounding throughout.

If you feel like living in a cave, try to switch perspectives, look at yourself as a writer.

My little adventure inside the cave was spectacular already within itself, but as you progress you can take pictures of the signs and the pictures around to see what was imagined.  It is an awesome trip if you fill in the shadows of an adventure.  

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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