The Advantages in Limits

Usually we hear from our fellow peers to strive beyond our limitations.  In many efforts, there are many attempts of how we are shooting beyond our limits.  By looking at a greater perspective, we should overcome by understanding the limits within us.

Like an athlete doing the high jump, we must recognize the bar that we set to overcome it.  A high jumper sets the bar at a practice level to maintain the growth and momentum.  But knows the limit that the jumper can jump.

While knowing the practice level and limitation, the jumper strives for an ideal goal to reach.

During the Olympics, there are many athletes who trying to reach an ideal goal record for the world.

Knowing your limitations, we can better see what we need to make it over the bar.

In life, we could be working on our studies, writing our thesis, working on community projects, or all facets of growing up.

We could be working on a meditation practice.  Understand your limit, such as maintaining posture, awareness of breathing, optimal peak times to practice where body and mind are fully awake, and maintaining focus rather than to have many distractions.

Another example would be supporting yourself with work while attending University.  We have to know what we need to do so we can succeed toward your goal.  Make sure you are well balanced with both not overdoing it with side jobs and with the proper focus on the University.  To support your university, work at a job that is not too demanding, as well as to be concord with your direction of education and life.

All in all, know what you can do and grow from there.  Grasp the limits to make the greater jump.

We all have our own experiences, but to understand the limits that bind us, we can unlock the potentials within us.

Photo by Wes Powers on Unsplash

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