World Teacher

Let’s first begin with things we know that we can understand with a firm grasp in foundation and roots.  It is a good place to start rather just hanging or floating’ across the sea of ideas and truths.  It is great to be open, but the world teaches us in many ways.  It is recommended to ground yourself so you can stand which can give you the ability to point as in a compass and we may get that “aha moment”.  Nature is a good place to look.  It can give a better ground and support to your understandings in life.

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Silence is part of play.  It is like a stored potential of energy that is building to release.  We must make sure it is properly cultivate and activate in the means it needs to be.  Living in our lives with meaning brings the best from within us.  It has a special power that raises the bar.  With no meaning, it can have little or no effect and a spark can become lost quickly.  It is like having a warmth inside.  Inviting the warmth could warm others.

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Shall we dance?

In the way we move makes a good impact that we may remember over the course of our lives.  Manners is defined by simple but profound gestures in politeness.  Some of the basics begin with friendliness, kindness, listening, and respectfulness.  Manners could lead to ways we table manners, invite guests, and treating a lady on a date.  From the time when we first grew up, it was ingrained in us to develop manners.  So essentially we know the basics.

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