A Living Compass

Imagine a compass, a metal needle pointing a direction north toward the magnetic regions of the world’s pole.  The needle centered within the inscribed letters of directions.  All encompassed by a wooden round circular holding to keep all within in proper place and order.  Even further enclosed within the walls of glass to keep the whole intact throughout all weather conditions.

The compass is a way for captains and sailors to guide them along their journey from and to their home.  A point in history of the compass was brought from Ancient China was initially made for divination.  Later, it was used to help for building aligning and traveling.

A Compass

If we look at it, a compass has three main parts.

The first being the body with the directions to map ways to point.  Either made with wood, metal, or some other materials keeping its durability.  The body holding a simple or unique design.  Written facing upwards to meet our eye, north, south, east, and west to correspond and communicate with everything up from the interior.  Centered within the circular holding compass the spindle meets the needle.

The second is the needle.  This is the part that moves based on the direction.  Though, the needle points north as trying to touch the center of the magnetic pole placed near the top of the world.  The direction is gaged, depending on the help of our information, knowledge of fellow travelers, and maps.

The third part is the direction itself lined with the destination, the point pursuing.  This is the part we do not see in the start of our journey.  The part that is invisible to our eyes, but we follow the direction the needle points.

Now we can imagine a more creative compass and be much in common with our handy instrument.

A Living Compass

Moving the perspective a bit reveals that we can be like a compass.

Like a compass, we have a direction we are going.  A direction could be with school, job, and life.  We could look within the simple daily things to the broader life.

While described above the three parts of a compass, lets describe the three parts of ourselves being a living compass.

Being as a living compass, we can be described in many ways.

Some possibilities could be our structures, material, physical, plans reaching to our direction and path.  It could even touch into our emotions and ways of thinking.  Even further we could reach to the things we love, hope, and dream.

As a living compass, we are in a direction pointing to a way.

We first look at the body.  Being the body of the compass, it can be perceived as the structure.  This could be what makes us.  Like a car going abroad, we can see ourselves as what gets us from A to B.  This could include layouts and plans.  It marks the destination as the compass is engraved with north, south, east, and west.

As a compass everything is intact and stable to have the needle in the most optimal way to spin and point.  We could structure our lives in the same way.  The glass enclosing to keep the interior weather proof and airtight, we could set ourselves up in a great environment so we could withstand anything that can be an obstacle.  The compass body helps to keep the needle spinning freely.

Secondly, looking at our needle, this is the part that points our direction.  The needle spins within the compass and moves freely centered in the compass.  This is us.  There are many measures that help keep us directed to our path.  Like the needle moving freely within the body, we must have a clear mindset so we can move freely as well.

Sometimes the needle needs to be hit a few times to help adjust it from being stuck.  This is what happens in our lives too.  We need to make a few good knocks and touches to bring our needle facing north and thus keeping it rightfully centered.  This is like handling an obstacle that keeps us in place, but to have that good push to overcome it.

Also, within the word needle, we so happen to have a ‘need’ to keep us directed ^^.  The need can also be associated with the love of what we are pursuing.  Either it could be a strong successful career or a great marriage and loving family, we can pursue the needs, our loves thus meeting making our dreams come true.

The need keeps our heading so we can make progression and keeps us to getting to the place we need to go.

The third part of the compass as noted above is the direction, the point to B.  In our pursuit in life, we often do not see this point, but feel that it can be achieved.  At times, we need to use our imagination to help us on our move.

Since we can look at ourselves as a compass pointing a direction, there could be inspiration in helping us in all of our journeys from the daily lives to careers and life-long futures.

Next time you take out a compass, look at it carefully that it can remind you of what you can do!

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