Meditation Insights For All To Practice

Walking up to the bench, the scenery relaxing and calm with neighbors coming in and out of the area.  The seat was open and I decided to seat on the chair on the right end since it was closest to  a friend’s home.  Noticing ants along the ground surface, thus lifting the feet and crossing legs in a good fashion.

Three seats before the baseball diamond within the residential park sits with the residents, homes, and nature around.

Three Seat Meditation

Many people were coming in and out of the scenery.  A child with his backpack riding his bicycle, rides in his twist and turns we can say coming from school.  Near the baseball fence, a father and son plays catch as the pitcher and catcher.  With a cane and wearing a baseball cap, an elderly man walks pleasantly up to the middle chair, resting his legs and looking up toward the open view.  Across the field, a couple of white butterflies dancing around the flowers and trees.

The sound chirp with birds and the breeze gives breath in the scene.

There are a lot of subtleness that happens all around us.  Many of these feelings and activities can be felt during a meditation practice.


A meditation can do wonders to calm our mind and body.  There are many pros of meditation that can include inner peace, clear headed thinking, soothes emotions, to increasing the flow of energy that courses through our bodies.  These in turn helps us feel better and better connected with nature around us.

Meditation Environments

Typically, a meditation practice would be perceived as a time when we find a place like the mountain tops with the breathing winds, serene temple environment, or inside a grove of trees within a forest.  These are ideal places to reach the inner peace that we all have.  These areas are great especially for new practitioners  and for the experienced.

It’s not always the case where we have access to these optimal settings over the course of our work-life environments.  For an experienced meditation, even a bustling city cannot hinder the calm mind of a meditation practice.  For the novice and intermediate, it is optimal to try the nature environments.

In actuality, we can meditate anywhere and everywhere we go even walking between home and work.

The scene described above is just outside of a residential complex.  There are many people all around.

A great place to meditation is right in front of you.

Some great places include your very own home.

Pick a clean and quiet room.  Try to clean the environment.  Your environment can affect you.  Thus, if it is dirty, you can feel a bit dirty.  So try to bring the room in a clean setting.  Also, try to bring it back to freshness making the air good.  It will help you.  Remembering that you are in a room, thus breathing the room too.  Make sure you have a comfortable position and are not bothered by external things.  Check your phone and computers.  Also, it can help if you turn off your devices.  A computer can make some noise and when in meditation, the smallest sound can become loud.  Check the lights too.  A lighted room or dark room could do the trick for you.  You can find what is right.

Another great place is in the park.  It’s relatively quiet and you can find a good place to enjoy the fresh air with a great meditation.  It’s really calming in a park or forest with trees and nature around.  Not like the busy streets, a park is much calmer.  Seeing in another perspective, just like calming our mind for meditation, a park is the calmer place of a city.

Also, a walk in the park could work for you too.  If you notice, we can feel the clearness inside a forest more than the city streets.  There is not nearly as many advertisements that we have to process.  Thus, the distractions are more minimal.  You can hear lightly the birds chirping, insects buzzing, and occasion woodpecker pecking.  This is much better than heavy construction, traffic cars, and customers bustling through a big sale.

Meditation Styles

There are many styles of meditation, but to keep things simple, we will discuss some of the common practices.

In a sitting position, either in Indian-style style or sitting on a chair it can work for a great meditation.  Either styles, you can erect your body in good posture and have your hands together or in a meaningful style.

In a standing position, you can bend your knees slightly with toes facing outward.  Your arms could be in front of you looking as you are caring a round vase imagining monks in the mountain temples.  With your palms open in front of you, just imagine the round vase that you are carrying.  Try to spread your fingers out and have your thumbs facing upward.  Also, your posture should be in accordance to your torso, mid, and upper body.  Your head should be erect facing leveled to the horizon or slightly upwards.

Meditation Keys

A few keys to a great meditation include sitting in a good and comfortable position.  This means that your sitting position, chair, or environment suits you.  It’s tough in the beginning sitting properly and comfortable, but as you practice it comes to.

Another great key is to keep good posture.  By keeping your back straight, your whole body can circulate freely and as another tip it can keep you awake (Really, keeping your back straight can keep you awake, you can do this for anything you do.  If you are having trouble being tired and coffee is not always getting you there, have good posture.  It goes a long way and could even promote a much healthier life…).

To about everything researched, breathing is essential to meditation.  What is essential to keep you to function?  Air is very important.  We breathe our entire life span.  This is something that can be overlooked, but it is essential to us.  There are great breathing exercises that we can do to help promote our breath and in the future I will discuss it for you in more detail…  Basically, we should put our awareness on our breathing.  Watching it come and go in a good rhythm.  We can watch it’s pattern come and go.  It will help a great deed over the course of your meditation.

Also, a great key is to focus.  We can say to focus not just on any random image that pops up in your head.  There are many things that affect us and a good distraction detox is long overdue…  As discussed above, you can focus on your breathing as it comes and goes.  Sometimes in your mind you can focus on a good image like a peaceful setting within a mystical forest, a special and good phrases or mantra that speaks to you, or the center and the space of your mind.

All in all, meditation can do wonders for you and help you with your daily life.  It can be performed everywhere you go and can benefit you in so many ways.  These are just a few good notes for meditation practices that I have found that are helpful in my experiences.  You can study  so good techniques in meditation and also experience qualities that you may have never felt before.  In addition, it can help you reach to that peaceful and loving state of mind we can all wish toward.

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