Unity is a togetherness, parts that come to a whole, thus a union equals to completeness.  Why would opportunity have a significance with unity?  The opportunity of being complete, to put all the right pieces together is at the heart of everyone.

Unity can be approached in the worldly sense as it can well be understood.  The unity of humankind help shape the world in the right way and would be steered toward the right direction.  There are many worldly solutions we can bring up.  Correcting quality of air by solving the root such as deforestation, wastes, and over-consumption is in our minds eye and heart to solve.  Correcting any imbalance due to inflation or deflation in the economy, thus maintaining fair pricing, opportunity in jobs for all, even gas and energy prices.  There could be much to tune our world to the right frequency to solve greater difficulties, though a good step is toward unity.

It may seem a bit too much to envision a perfect world, though there could be a possibility to bring a better world closer to an ideal world, closer to harmony.  We could all start small.  We could start by looking into our very own lives.  How could we bring unity in our very own home, with our family, wife, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters?  Let’s even bring us closer, how could we bring unity with ourselves?

Unity in essence can be the feeling of being complete.  Striving toward the outside to make a better world, we need to first be a better person.  We need to be complete.  Making good decisions, deciding based on ethical values that includes integrity, love, compassion, goodwill, decision of good toward what is the right actions and way, and in accord with unity, these are of the qualities of we should make that lines up with unity and completeness of ourselves.

Once we are complete with ourselves, we can better in the position for unity.  Having unity within ourselves could also mean not being lost in our world.  If we are in unity, complete and whole, thus means we have stability.  Thus, it means with unity in mind and heart, we have direction.  Everyday is an opportUnity 🙂

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