Shall we dance?

In the way we move makes a good impact that we may remember over the course of our lives.  Manners is defined by simple but profound gestures in politeness.  Some of the basics begin with friendliness, kindness, listening, and respectfulness.  Manners could lead to ways we table manners, invite guests, and treating a lady on a date.  From the time when we first grew up, it was ingrained in us to develop manners.  So essentially we know the basics.

Could we think of manners like dance moves and possibly moves of a choreography?  As we learn the moves growing up, we can also see from a friends, family, and all like of people dancing throughout the day with manners.  We all know the basic moves, so we can read in it.  Sometimes we are able to see a move like a mannerism in folding our clothes like a coat onto a chair, or even the eye glass wiping cloth folded and put into the jacket pocket.  We are able to see a special move, like a polite bow or curtsy when introducing to a friend.

We know the basics and see it readily all throughout our days from all people around.  When a manner comes about that is uplifting as giving a good example for us, it enlightens us in a way.  We remember it, Oh that the person who…!

“I don’t recall your name but your manners are familiar.” – Oliver Herford

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