Silence is part of play.  It is like a stored potential of energy that is building to release.  We must make sure it is properly cultivate and activate in the means it needs to be.  Living in our lives with meaning brings the best from within us.  It has a special power that raises the bar.  With no meaning, it can have little or no effect and a spark can become lost quickly.  It is like having a warmth inside.  Inviting the warmth could warm others.

As an inner drive to bring importance to our lives and the world, we urge ourselves to make a difference.  Though, to really make a mark that is whole, we need to create something more than just a shell.

A home is designed with fundamentals that make a home the home that could raise a family.  First, and foremost, we need a good foundation.  A foundation creates the stability so that the home could reach its right potential.  In bibliotic history, the tower of Babel could possibly reach where it needed to with the proper foundation.  Just building up, needs its right proportioned in horizontal support to meet the vertical.  Like the classic home,  needs to have the four pillars that supported with the beams connected to each other and throughout the house.  With the proper electric and lighting, the inside is built from room to room until the flooring and walls are made.  Thus, the integrity of the home becomes much more stable and functional.  While making the inside, the outside of the home painted and becomes part of the neighborhood.

As a home, we can shape our lives in accordance of a greater home.  The home is of our lives.  We need to make ourselves with its proper foundation.  Thus, leading to the meaning.

We can strive with the meaning like a torch brought for the olympics.  The torch could be brought from the day entering college and even carried throughout our whole entire lives.  It is necessary to make the proper whole, our foundation, our home and continue to carry our inner fire throughout our lives.

“Silence is better than unmeaning words.” – Pythagoras

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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