Love Within the Soul

Love is the way of being complete.  Having two souls as one is like having two parts fitted together with the right ends, connections that make a union, thus complete.

It seems like life in a way, involves two components in just about every aspect if you  really think about it.  For instance, hot equalizes with cold, when the two meet, we have a temperature just right.  The idea could root from Yin and Yang.

Another approach deals with directions.  It seems like there is a giving and receiving in aspects throughout.  Receiving is like a point or a meeting place and the giving goes to that point.  Just imagine a circle, formless in the air.  When we fit the right formed circle, it fits.  Like a learning activity growing up.  Like in marriage, we have a husband and wife.  One makes a proposals the Ring fitted in the finger.

There is like a momentum that attracts two components together.  It could be the beauty of a Vincent Van Gogh’s art.  Once we center our attention, then a picture shares the wholesome quality.

Love, completeness is necessary to fit the right pieces together making it whole again.  Having completeness one may never feel separated.  The feeling of completeness seems to be if not the utmost universally needed quality.  Once one may be complete, it could be even in empty space, love shines.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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