World Teacher

Let’s first begin with things we know that we can understand with a firm grasp in foundation and roots.  It is a good place to start rather just hanging or floatin’ across the sea of ideas and truths.  It is great to be open, but to make a platform to stand up in can give you the ability to point as in a compass and we may get that “Aha moment”.

How about the Sun?  The Sun is in nature and helps in all of its power.  It is reliable as it shines throughout the day and night (when the world turns for night, the sun still shines, even with clouds, the sun still shines.)  The Sun can let us know that we can look at its example and always be able to shine in whatever condition we are in.

How about the Mountains?  Throughout mountains there are forests, rivers, streams, plains, plateaus, and even another at the summit upon that greater summits.  It could be described as an adventure.  If we would go deep, we could say that mountains our formed by two tectonic plates merging together and pushing upwards toward a point.

How about a Rose with thorns?  It stands for beauty and at the same time it can teach us delicacy within beauty.  The touch a rose upon the lips can be quite soft as a kiss, while the vine leading to it could symbolize a road of a sensitive touch.

How about the desert?  The desert is a vastness of sand, but it can also give a sense of peace and calm.  There isn’t much in a desert, but lets not forget about an oasis that its natural waters are rooted from a great source.  Even a cactus signifies a barrier, but through the thorns and shells, within is water.

How about the forest?  A forest can be life.  With minerals, plants, and animals, and human kind.  Within is the natures calm and community.

We can keep going as it is wonderful to share a perspective of nature.  Nature speaks in many languages and also, nature speaks in the languages we may be very familiar to.  Givin our experiences, we can learn from our world every day, hour, and moment.

How does nature speak to you?

“Let the world be your teacher.” – Deepok Chopra

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