Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepok Chopra

Reading the stories of Buddha are told in various ways, but a great depiction of the inner awakening and journey spanning the entire life of the Buddha is amazingly told by Deepok Chopra, Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment.


The birth name given, Siddhartha, was raised in a world within the walls of a kingdom where the mind cannot be toiled in the likes of things outside of it.  The suffering of all kinds was removed to prevent a prophecy.  There are two paths one was to become a ruler of a kingdom and possibly a ruler of the world or become the Buddha, thus living holy and spiritually showing the way of freedom from suffering.  Siddhartha has an inner need to come out of the walls of his illusion.

In his life Siddhartha becomes Gautama, the one who dispels ignorance bringing spiritual knowledge.

Facing him in journey, the demon Mara, the temptations that incur desires and tries to cease Gautama from his dharma, the spiritual path.

Reading the story of Buddha gives an inspirational view of the history of a great being.  Within the pages we can find examples of Buddhist philosophy and core fundamentals that are taught and practiced to this day.

This book is for everybody and share an open view of the life of the Buddha.

The story of Buddha can be seen as our very own life.  Throughout the life of Buddha, there are struggles from many shapes and forms.  As us all, we have many struggles that can bind us.

There are solutions to help us climb over the obstacles.  Buddha’s life gives a kind of road map to live in freedom of the pains that hinder us from a fulfilling life.

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

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