How does a prayer enact a way of life?

There is a friend that invited me to his home.  He wanted to share a dinner he had made, but really it was to meet up since it has been awhile contacting.  He shared a simple dinner, which was fantastic.  It was chapatti bread with curry along with a couple of side dishes.  It is super healthy.  We caught up on life and went over our current businesses.  We planned on going on a hike and he asked if he can do a prayer.

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The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

There are many books out there that try to help in creating a better life for you.  This book is a rare find as it is a very simple method.  It is so simple that we may apply these rules by even just by the headings of the agreements.  To read these simple rules could make life at ease and it could bring you to personal freedom as stated.

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A Story of a Climber

Suddenly walking over the steepened hill grazing the summit sky your soles of hiking boots begin to feel lighter.  It could be that the gravel gradually becoming as fine pebbles layered over the sandy trail from the coarse rocks below.  Your legs able to extend without the pressure that builds between your knees on each bend and step.  Though, your strength has been heightened, the climb transformed your body as you feel much lighter.

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Communication is Key

It may be simple enough to understand communication in the languages we speak, though we can express a good understanding by traveling not just outward, but inward.  Inward is an approach where communication is the way we may live life.  If you can imagine your whole entire life all put into a piece of art, sculpted or painted, though expresses from the beginning to end, and better yet a timeless piece of art.  Zooming out and picturing your life through a looking glass, how would one really understand a message?  Suppose a friend is viewing our life encased in a bubble, what could be the best possible way to express a friendly communication?  How could we make the message clear message in understanding, not just by the words that come out of our mouths?

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Life is like an Instrument

Shifting the perspective from the world view to a piece in an assemble could open ourselves to a new approach in life.  It only takes a simple practice.  Look at yourself as an instrument.  In this case, the heart of the instrument is within a body with the head on its shoulders.  From early childhood to the present day, we continue to learn, grow, and interact with the musical performance called “Life”.  Living and breathing with daily practices we appoint ourselves around the circle of activities.  Eventually, we become to know well of ourselves within the play and thus the music flows.

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