Life is like an Instrument

Shifting the perspective from the world view to a piece in an ensemble could open ourselves to a new approach in life.  It only takes a simple practice.  Look at yourself as an instrument.  In this case, the heart of the instrument is within a body with the head on its shoulders.  

From early childhood to the present day, we continue to learn, grow, and interact with the musical performance called “Life”.  Living and breathing with daily practices we appoint ourselves around the circle of activities.  Eventually, we become to know well of ourselves within the play and thus the music flows.

When we start seeing that the ability begins to shine and our heart well secured, we move into the state where living and playing become one in the same.  Thus, the melody of life sounds wonderful and harmonized.

As in life, we need to clean both instruments and ourselves.  Remember the relationship.  We could notice the keys not quite as it should be during play.  It could be too sharp or too flat.  Balance the play and you will come up again with the melody.

We could even expand our view and spot every facet of life as an instrument that could be tuned and practiced.  It can be from our studies, habits, language, social interactions, to even our penmanship.  Remember to always have your heart in what you love to do.  Always treat your instrument with love and respect. 

Life is like an instrument, Tuning and Practicing to be able to play. – TLH

Photo by Darius Soodmand on Unsplash

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