A Story of a Climber

Suddenly walking over the steepened hill grazing the summit sky your soles of hiking boots begin to feel lighter.  It could be that the gravel gradually becoming as fine pebbles layered over the sandy trail from the coarse rocks below.  Your legs able to extend without the pressure that builds between your knees on each bend and step.  Though, your strength has been heightened, the climb transformed your body as you feel much lighter.

Your eyes finally meeting the sky and seeing the horizon pass the ongoing walls of trails faced during the climb.  Gazing to the new surroundings, you can begin to walk and touch the rocks and trees without a hard grasp, because you met at the same level of the upper parts of the climb.  There is no steep slope, curvy bend, loose gravel, or big rocks to climb over.

The breath becomes calmer fills up your lungs in peak capacity with the rich air of the mountain tops.  Your heart adjusts its beating to finally meet the breath carried into your body and out to rejoin with the nature it originated.  Upon approaching the open view, your walk graces upon the summit’s cliff and seeing the sights unfold toward the glorious mountains beyond.  Flowing within your body radiated with triumph, you feel as one with the very mountain you climbed.

Hiking in Another Perspective

What makes hiking wonderful?

Over the course of a weekend adventure, we can hike up a mountain and enjoy a wonderful hiking experience.  During the climb, we make small and big victories throughout our hiking trip.  It can be from climbing from encouraging a friend to push on, continuing from trail to trail, and reaching to the very top.

In a closer perspective of our hiking adventure, we can look at this as a portrayal of our daily living.  Could a hiking trip be just like a pursuit for a college degree, a relationship with our love, or dreams we aspire toward?

For a college degree, a student must keep studying to master the lessons in the field approaching.  An assignment is like building up the strength to overcome the bigger challenges ahead.  As a student, we can become better and better in the direction we are trying to achieve.  At a point, we become in the right mindset of our trade and learn with better ease.  In a climb on the hilltops clouds, we can get pass the weather conditions hinder the open air and view of the blue sky.

A relationship could be building the trust between two lovers.  We become more and more knowing of each other until becoming perfect couples.  As in a hike, you become more trusting in the heights you are climbing, the path is more steady however the rocky terrain may be, and the unknown of what is ahead turns to be of joy.

In any efforts, from household chores, writing a thesis, or living we can look at it as a hike working our way up.

The Drive to Keep Going

If we are looking at hiking as our life growing up, let us look at what makes hiking so much fun so that we are willing to go on to the next step.

Hiking is all about movement.  As we move up the winding paths and trails toward our destination, we come to the new and various surroundings.  Our paths open up to new paths.  While many paths could be similar or beyond the likeness, being open and clear can give us a great experience on our hike.

When we take a step, we can gain new experiences.  It’s hard to see the small steps, but the bigs ones are much more apparent.  But upon each element in our climb, each victory brings us accomplishment to move forward.

Living in the Moment

Don’t you notice, in a hike we live in the moment.  We are usually not fixated on problems and various work.  While being mindful for our footing, we climb around watching for things ahead.  The careful aspect improves through experience.  Eventually, hiking up a steeple path, we can move like the wind dancing in and throughout the mountain path.

There are many good aspects to bring up to help encourage our hiking experience.  Hiking could be from many angles and in all walks of life, from details to even the subtle.  We can choose the path we wish to follow and when you go, go with all in earnest effort.

Photo by Jonathan Bell on Unsplash

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