Communication is Key

It may be simple enough to understand communication in the languages we speak, though we can express a good understanding by traveling not just outward, but inward.  Inward is an approach where communication is the way we may live life.  If you can imagine your whole entire life all put into a piece of art, sculpted or painted, though expresses from the beginning to end, and better yet a timeless piece of art.  Zooming out and picturing your life through a looking glass, how would one really understand a message?  Suppose a friend is viewing our life encased in a bubble, what could be the best possible way to express a friendly communication?  How could we make the message clear message in understanding, not just by the words that come out of our mouths?

Through a person, we can view a character by the example that is delivered.  The example of cleanliness, attitude, compassion, respect, appreciation, and many other traits like these could define a good character.  There is also the other end, and it is good to reflect what are your virtues and faults to get a clear understanding of your whole character.  Having the right habits could help shape the way we live in a good order.  Through the reflections, we can make the right improvements to sculpt a better model of our lives.

We could look at grammar for instance just to give a good example to how we can communicate.  Grammar is a way to put our speech in order making it clean, functional, and putting words together to form a proper sentence.  It could be fairly simple.  A simple sentence could be comprised of nouns and verbs.  A clear sentences points toward what is addressed (Without looking too far into the complexities of details and rules on making a sentence…).  Try looking at your house, the place you live.  To make it even simpler, let’s pick a room like the garage.  Many of us could relate to having a garage within the two poles.  A garage could be in order or disarray.  It doesn’t mean that it is good or bad.  When first moving into the garage it feels new, clean and spacious.  We can move about fairly well.  Our family car can easily come in an out as it pleases with plenty of leg room.  In the other end, it could be full of boxes, where our car has to be very careful not to bump anything.  Opening the garage door we could get a good or introduction of the home.  There are many methods in between that could paint a message of the garage atmosphere.  Now let’s come back to Ourselves and suppose the garage is you.  After viewing communication in another perspective, how could we define a clear communication of character in our entirety.

Communication is key to help deliver an understanding from our inner and outer world. – TLH

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

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