Detox Your Mind

Up on the rooftop, on and around a couple seated outdoor patio chair sits a garden of vegetable, herbs, some outside plants, and a Bonsai.  It is a great ritual to wake to water the plants outside as the sun rises with its morning light.

There are about 13 plants up on the rooftop that makes the watering simple and lots of room for an early morning stretch and exercise.  Of the many plants, sits two cherry tomato pots.  They are big pots compared to the others and sits on the garden chair.  Within the tomato pots, there is a plant with many stalks reaching out of the clay potted brim.  Not only the tomato plant sits, but also other plants, which could consist of plants or weeds.  It is hard to tell due to the foliage within the pottery.  There is something striking about the tomatoes.  Every time watering, there are just a few tomatoes.  Other plants around grow quite plentiful.

How Much is on Your Mind

Thus, the sudden spark of an idea arose.  Can we be like this particular tomato plant?  For a tomato plant to grow up to a nice tree ready to serve juicy healthy tomatoes, it needs to grow freely.

As for us, there are many things that can pop up on your mind throughout the course of your day.  Though, thoughts can be good, too many thoughts can over crowd your general concentration in various tasks.  This could evidently slow your task work and reduce your main focus.

There is a simplicity to bring a better production with yourself.  If the point is to grow juicy tomatoes, anything excess could take away from the valuable growing.  Our mind can be filled with wonders, but if there is an overthinking of things outside of the point, then it could distract your mind or stray it off course.  Keep it simple and free yourself from overthinking.

A simple touch of lemon, ginger, and honey would do wonders. – TLH

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