The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

There are many books out there that try to help in creating a better life for you.  It is made with a simple method.  It is so simple that we may apply these rules by even just by the headings of the agreements.  To read these simple rules could make life at ease and it could bring you to personal freedom.

Just over 150 pages, “The Four Agreements” is concentrated right to the point.  It’s actually quite liberating to find a book that is simple to apply to life.  The agreements could be promises that one can keep for all of life.  The author is Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills.

First Agreement:

Be Impeccable with Your Word

This is simply to live up to your word.  When you are impeccable with your word, it is like when you say something, you must stand by it.  By being impeccable is to have a solidarity and strength.  It is as keeping a promise.  We make many promises throughout our day and we want to uphold them.  When you begin to monitor your promises better, you can see what stands by truth or widdles down the edge.  We can begin to notice our many promises throughout the day and begin to make them better and pay heed to what we say that is not beneficial for us.  Thus, our word becomes much more genuine.

Second Agreement:

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Throughout our day, there are things that can try to hit us personally.  Don’t be offended and be in a way where you are not like a sponge soaking all the various energies giving off.  When this occurs then you will be able to understand others better and even understand yourself, without the clouds of judgements.  Anything that could weigh you down will just go away.

Third Agreement:

Don’t Make Assumptions

When not making assumptions, it is a good way to knowing.  Once we make an assumption, it is like a gamble with an outcome.  Otherwise, if it goes south, then this could affect the very first agreement, and could result in another attempt in with the second agreement.  Thus, to play it safe, we can lay low on the assumption.  When we have a well formulated plan, then we could possibly bring better results.

Fourth Agreement:

Always Do Your Best

It is simply to do your best.  Once we do our best then there is no room for regret.  We know it is all that we put in.

“The Four Agreements” is based on Toltec Wisdom, which is ancient wisdom from the Aztecs.  Each agreement is a way of life in the ancient times and it can be expressed today.  Please check out the “Four Agreements”, it will be a wonderful read for you and wisdom of simple guidelines to practice in daily life.

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