Here is an attempt to describe emptiness…

Emptiness is like a cascade of ponds.  Each receiving from the previous and each giving to there after.  Each pond is clear.  The fishes swim lightly coexisting with the nature within the water.  The flow of water moves smoothly and gently.

It is easy to see that a cluttered pond is not clear.  Realize if it is cluttered.  Make sure that the flow is not blocked.  With weeds and various debris it could hinder the flow of the stream.

Streams can move fast or slow, but with the right area around the pond gives just enough that is right to push along.  For the currents of the pond shares its waters with the neighboring pond.

With a free-flowing pond harmonized inside and with nature all around, emptiness exist.

Emptiness is the antidote to the delusion of knowledge. – Dalai Lama

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