How does a prayer enact a way of life?

There is a friend that invited me to his home.  He wanted to share a dinner he had made, but really it was to meet up since it has been awhile contacting.  He shared a simple dinner, which was fantastic.  It was chapatti bread with curry along with a couple of side dishes.  It is super healthy.  We caught up on life and went over our current businesses.  We planned on going on a hike and he asked if he can do a prayer.

I was totally okay with him doing a prayer.  He said that if I could just give a moment and that it was okay to leave the door open.  It felt like he invited and welcomed me to watch his prayer.  His attitude shifted.  Then, he rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands.  He even went up to his elbows washing his arms.  With two hands cupped, he washed his face and head.  The washing repeated a couple times.  He then went to his room and laid a rug on the floor and placed his phone from his pocket on the room table.  He stood up posture straight up and went to his knees.  He made prayers and did bows as well as other actions participated within the whole prayer.


As I stood watching his practice of prayer, it suddenly came to realization that a prayer could be an example of living life.  From each step, the prayer shows a special activity.


For example, in the beginning right after my friend asked politely about doing a prayer, he shifted his attitude and focused upon the prayer.  It is very important in life to shift into gear to be focused with the right attitude toward the direction we are leading.  It is like going to our career jobs when entering our workplace, we become in the mode respected to our jobs and roles in life.  Within the mode of our attitude, we bring our attention centered toward our work and goal.


As my friend gave the right intent, he washed his hands and head.  Washing the hands could symbolize washing our body.  Our body in the way of the physical.  To live in a life better directed, we must be in good shape.  Our body needs to be healthy and well maintained.  This involves cleaning.  We need to eat healthy foods with the right nutrients that will help our overall constitution.  Given the right amount of rest and well regulated activities to give the best energy for us.  Rolling up the sleeves is common and it is a way of making our body free from any obstacles.  Thus, freeing ourselves from them, we can continue and clean ourselves right.

There are also the need to get our mind clean.  To have complete concentration with our attention pointed, we need to have a mind that is clean.  Through activities that keep stirring, distractions may be put in front prevent us to think clearly.  If we are a member of a project, it is important to put focus in the project.  It is important to be centered in the project.  The closer you are centered, the easier and simpler it is to come up with the right points, helping in memory, and making the right decisions.  Cleaning our mind is like cleaning our home, we can first take out the clutter or any obstacles that could cause a disruption in the path of moving around in our home.  Second, we can lower the volume, the volume of activity juggling inside and outside of the project.  Third, like how we put order in our home, we can put order in our procedures.  First, Second, Third, …mapping out the correct path that we need to accomplish the project at hand.  As our mind becomes clean, we can move like the wind and flow throughout our project.


Throughout the prayer, there are many meaningful acts.  Each performs way of movements or words that are in a way of giving toward the prayer.  Each movement performs like a ritual or ceremony.  Each makes a connection.  Having practices, rituals, and ceremonies give meaning.  Having performed in frequency, all becomes better.  Thus, our body and mind could be well center upon the prayer with the ways.  In the way, we can be better in what we love and what we do.  Habits and routines made in a special meaningful way centers ourselves toward the goals we with to do.

It is great to discover in our everyday lives a spark that can help give us a better life.  Prayer could be meant toward a god.  Through many religions, it teaches and guides us to live a life in a good way.  It is fortunate to open up to a possibility toward living life.  It is about perspective.  Be open to what is around us.  Life can be always bustling around us, though the subtle natures of life is all around us too.  Be open to it and thus, it will be open to you.

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