The Moment of Rest

It was night during the walk home.  Just getting out of the subway station, many people waited for their colleagues and partners to go out for a Friday night of bars and clubs.  The lights were bright and many were moving as cars drove past.  While walking and approaching a four-way intersection, there were two ways to go back home.  Either going up the clay pots which swings past the army base or crossing the street that require waiting for the light.  It was red at the time, but just for that moment it was a chance for a mental rest and breather from each of the activities of the day that occur up to that point.  The momentum of all the activities of the day suddenly shifted and became calmer and centered.  Both feet were together and body straighten, cars flowed accordingly and the light became green.

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Playing Sports as Real Life

There is this really great video online that is immensely popular on youtube with a ping pong match online.  It was something I watched about a few years ago.  I tried finding it again, but there are many ping pong videos now, which are surely to have great rallies.  The match was with two countries competing in ping pong.  All were amazing female athletes there were very agile and moves quite well with team play and even in way with the other team.

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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is a concept about the relationship between two poles.  The most well known example is of light and dark.  There is the famous symbol that represents the Yin and Yang constructed of a circle with the white and black colors equally in a turn with each other.  Within each color of the main body exist a spot of black or white. The meaning is that within the white, there exist black. Within the black, there exist the white.  The purpose is to prove the relationship between the two.

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Being Present in the Moment

In the midst of life moving about and rushing to the ends of the earth, time just goes without ever noticing the traces of what reaches you.  If you ever rode a subway or drove your car to work, have you ever notice that somehow the ride was fast.  Getting there in no time could be great.  Now how about going throughout your entire day and trying to ask yourself what you have really done.

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