Being Present in the Moment

In the midst of life moving about and rushing to the ends of the earth, time just goes without ever noticing the traces of what reaches you.  If you ever rode a subway or drove your car to work, have you ever notice that somehow the ride was fast.  Getting there in no time could be great.  Now how about going throughout your entire day and trying to ask yourself what you have really done.

This can be a tendency if stuck in the mainstream of things, though each moment gives you a chance to really live life.  Life won’t just pass before our eyes.

Each moment is like a hidden jewel that needs polishing.  Though, moments pass, we can relive it in a way again.  Suppose you walk down a simple street on your way to work.  You pass by a small little cafe shop with an attendant sweeping the floors.  The next day, you notice the cafe again and the little arrangement of plants in front.  Again, you come across the shop and find that it has an array of lovely ornaments of painted art.  Each day, you begin to notice intricate details about the cafe and the employees coming in and out.  The cafe changes and evolves, you notice a slight detail, just slight, maybe a new ornament painting, a possible new plant, though something is new every day.

This can happen everywhere you go.  It just depends on how you see it.  In a way, it seems as if the beauty of the world is reaching out to you.  If you notice the little interaction, it moves with you.  If we just walk pass and not give the opportunity for what is in between, then we could miss beauty in a day.  Everybody grows and evolves in a way.  Some slight and some beyond measure, but we can give meaning to moments by essentially living in the present moment.  Somehow the world become awake, when you become awake to the world.  Each day can be amazing, opening yourself opens the heart.

Each moment is precious, if your willing to open your heart to it.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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