Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is a concept about the relationship between two poles.  The most well known example is of light and dark.  There is the famous symbol that represents the Yin and Yang constructed of a circle with the white and black colors equally in a turn with each other.  Within each color of the main body exist a spot of black or white. The meaning is that within the white, there exist black. Within the black, there exist the white.  The purpose is to prove the relationship between the two.

Yin and Yang has a function that makes up the play together.  In simplicity, Yin receives and Yang gives.  The two is linked to each other in a way that interacts with the other.  While linked, the interaction helps keep the momentum of the other.

Yin and Yang is often expressed as forces.  These forces are in and throughout all facets of life and nature.  A great example of Yin and Yang could be perceived with an electric circuit.  Electricity is entered in a series of paths, yet the path it follows is of the least resistance.  That is how it is naturally done.  The electricity pushed along the current is the Yang, while the acceptance through the path is Yin.  If we would change the gates, that is the resistance in another order, that would also be Yang.  Yang in a way is to do an action and Yin is in a way to let it be done.

In a way, a student is like the yin. Learning is a way of receiving.  There is a direction to follow the right footsteps.  Yin is a very good listener and follower.  Yin is willing to receive.  On the other hand, Yang is like the teacher that delivers the lessons.  It is important to complete the cycle of Yin and Yang.


Within the circle of Yin and Yang there is a need to keep in flow.  The relationship and flow must continue as if like a vital source as breathing.  Yin and Yang is a continual momentum of unity.  It is important like a pond to have water flowing freely through.  If blocked then, the pond becomes murky and swamp like.  It must flow so that life within the pond stays fresh.

We express Yin and Yang on a daily basis.  It is a universal force.  Thus, when we work on a project we push toward the expressing Yang.  Though, when we have an obstacle, we can express Yin.  Expressing Yin, we can recess,  listening to criticism, we can learn and practice being humble.  Thus, we can act on the best possible approach.


When you gaze into the water streams, upon a waterfall, it is quite beautiful.  The water is pushed along a river with Yang energy, gravity shifts and the directions and movement is toward a vertical slide.  The water in Yin energy moves with the gravity and with the shift.  It then, pushes out into the air into a newly found waterway.

With this little info about the Yin and Yang, where could you find Yin and Yang in your life?  In what ways you express Yin?  How about Yang?

The way to do is to be. – Lao Tzu

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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