The Moment of Rest

It was night during the walk home.  Just getting out of the subway station, many people waited for their colleagues and partners to go out for a Friday night of bars and clubs.  The lights were bright and many were moving as cars drove past.  While walking and approaching a four-way intersection, there were two ways to go back home.  Either going up the clay pots which swings past the army base or crossing the street that require waiting for the light.  It was red at the time, but just for that moment it was a chance for a mental rest and breather from each of the activities of the day that occur up to that point.   The momentum of all the activities of the day suddenly shifted and became calmer and centered.  Both feet were together and body erect, cars flowed accordingly and the light became green.

Each activity that we do in a way can draw us from ourselves if it is pushed outside of our inline state of being.  Stress could occur and then it could cloud our judgement.  A short rest period is necessary to bring balance back from activities that we do.  We can imagine a point.  In the point we are completely centered.  As an activity arises, say two points move out simultaneously and mirror-like on a 2D screen.  As we push through our activities, the points spread and when rested the points come back centered again.  Now let’s imagine a straight line, the straight line can be a total sense of harmony around all of the activities in a day.  When we push through activities in our day, possible stress could arise.  It can shoot along a graph and appear in a helix-like picture.  Sometimes the spread is quite large, which could draw a bit too much of ourselves.  Other times,  the spread is just minuscular, vibrating like a heart pulse.  When it is centered, again we come back to the peace and the points are  evenly upon the line.  Thus, we become calm and harmonious again.


Throughout the day, after a period of activity.  It is important to bring ourselves back to a harmonious state.  Activities need the rest and calm to come back to that centerness.  It is great to practice a moment of rest.  It can be done throughout the day.  It is in a way a practice of mindfulness.  While we can be busy with activities, we are able to come back to calmness, clarity, and collectedness.  To be harmonious with ourselves, we can create our days as superb days.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.  Use both and overlook neither.  – Alan Cohen

Photo by Sid Leigh on Unsplash

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