The Island Concept

While looking at a galore of lessons to teach, either needing something quick or a class activity that could get the class up and at ’em.  You don’t have to look so hard.  There is a wonderful lesson to teach a class rolling in the right direction.  Here is a scenario I ran across to teach a lesson for a class. Suppose you are on an island.  On this island, you can bring only 3 items.  What will it be and why?

Hmmm… How about a hatchet?  It would a worthy tool.  It can function as a hammer and an axe.  And if you are creative enough, you can tie a vine or grass reed together on it and do some fishing.  Well, we can probably tell that there are many good ideas out there.  We need to make sure that the items are practical, functional, and serves a good purpose.  The concept is to help your stay on an island and possibly get to freedom.

There are a couple approaches in this problem.  The approaches can be a purpose behind the three items.  Is it for survival?  How about comfort?  Maybe, freedom? A purpose should help serve as the point of the whole exercise.


Now we could just see a mere class assignment, better yet we can approach the island concept as our road in life.  In the island, you can be within the neighboring ocean surrounding in all sides as well as an opportunity to choose what is most important to you.  With only three items, you step into a prioritized way of living.  What will your hatchet be?

First Item: Hatchet

Serves as an all-around tool!

A hatchet describe above is a tool that serves as two functions and possibly an all-around tool that can be a pillar to the tools you have in your belt.  An education with the streetwise in living can be a pretty good hatchet.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Getting a good education helps with life.  It can help branch to support your career and other adventures.  Of course, a college degree could help, though education is not just with a physical degree.  Education is the wise talks we have with our parents growing up, reflections on life in struggle and joys, and sharing the roads with our family and friends as we continue with them.

Second Item: Pair of Glasses

Helps give fire and a signal!

Since examining possible tools represented in real life, how about another tool as glasses.  Of course, seeing all the beautiful flowers, waterfall escapes, and sparkling sandy beaches would be a way to breeze through a plethora of breathtaking beach experiences, though glasses could serve as a simple tool that works with the sun.  Maybe, we tried the idea in the past.   With patience, the sun can bring all the sun’s rays into a point and thus, produce fire.  It can also produce that signal.  What will glasses do with our life?  It does have a property of focus.  Being a young sprite, just out of college, we have all the energy in the world.  As you grow a bit, you can understand how activities can spread you out.  Like the sun’s rays focused upon the point to make a fire, we can point our energy in the same way toward what will need to do.  With the right focus, you can use your energy into what is important.

Third Item: Cooking Pot

Sturdy and Reliable!

Well, how about the third item could be a good cooking pot!  The cooking pot could be a pot known to be sturdy and not rust.  It can withstand the wear and tear, while being heavy duty, yet light in handling.  Thus, it makes it reliable.  A proper cooking pot can help in many approaches of cooking and do what it intends to do, which is to serve a good lunch.  Being a good cooking pot would be fantastic.  In life, we strive to have strong integrity inside and out.  Having the right build in life, piece by piece is important as it can help with the consistency and be able to deliver.


A little island may be seen as a lone landmass.  How about instead be coupled as with the mainland?  An island could be amongst international islands acting as a hub center destination for travels to come in and jump to the route where the airplane needs to go.  As we grow in life, it is important to keep unity at heart.  An atmosphere of life is growing.  We can grow ourselves in our islands and in just a boat ride is the community of islands.  The Island Concept is just a way of understanding of growing up, life, and the nature around us.  Nevertheless, if you are ever needing a superb lesson to teach a class, you know where to return to.  Now, let’s ask you, if you were on an island, what three items would you bring?

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