Creating Grooves

Have you ever starting something and really wanted to make it real?  Getting on track to a new walk of life and trying to push through could be a bit of work.  Your heart is set on it and you develop a routine.  As you progress, your patterns change and the possibility becomes narrow.  Here is a great concept that could help.  In a  simple practice, we can create grooves in our life to help project a possibility with a better outcome.  Start small as a general practice and with each step you become in line with your goal.  It is a growing effort that can really help life make the proper balance creating a good consistent method to reaching the goal you are striving toward.

Suppose you are trying to become fit.  You can start with a simple daily exercise.  It can be a stretch, squats, and pushups.  Then follow with cardio.  Begin modestly.  In the beginning, it can be about 10 minutes.  Throughout a day to day exercise practice, you can go up to 30 minutes and even to your hearts content.  Here is great way to get in shape for anybody.  It is like a slow and steady approach, though within a couple of weeks you feel the difference and within a couple of months you can really tell that your body is improving.


Well, here goes.  Lets understand this correctly, begin modestly and humbly.  There is a lesson in life and we can write an entire article based on this topic.  When we begin in the modest and humble approach, we can become open and receptive.  Our endeavor can be paced in a good way that is appropriate for you.  Also, we can learn humility in a way.  Start with a low rep and set amount and increase gradually.  You will appreciate the exercise and practice much better.  As well as you will develop better techniques as you may be much better in mindfulness with the slow and steady approach.

You etch within your daily life a practice that is like water running over a stone.  It may not seem like it will do anything, though, with a gradual effort and process, with patience, it create a groove so that the water moves along the stone much more efficiently and effectively.  While in the beginning water on a stone spreads as it runs over.  When a groove is made the water creates a way on that stone.  The way may flow the water simply and effectively.


You may also use this method in writing.  Remembering the modest and humble approach to creating grooves, begin by writing a simple diary.  Write about your day to day activities.  Make it simple.  You can start with what went well.  Then you may move into a blog and even possibly a book.  Remember to use the groove method as it moves step by step.  You will develop a good appreciation and importance within you to make the effort to do it as a daily practice.

Grooves may apply in all facets of our day to day life.  There is a familiar saying that we can be what we dream to be.  It takes a growing effort to do it.  Though, it is possible.  You just have to believe.  Grooves are a great way to begin.  The effort begins in simplicity and becomes an incredible way that could start your track to the right direction.

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2 thoughts on “Creating Grooves

  1. Here is an exercise routine that could help. It is a Groove that begins with a simple momentum and then picks up:

    Start with a stretch.  Do a routine that works out your lower and upper body.  Then, do simple squats.  Just place two hands on your hips and squat.  You can begin light with 5 squats.  Lightly bend your knees at first, make sure you are comfortable and doing it right, while still exercising.  After awhile, you can increment upward to 20, then 30.  Then move into pushups.  The pushups may begin with 5 to 10 pushups per set.  Vary it slightly as days progress to promote flexibility.  For example, you may have the following as the number of pushups according to the 5 sets:

    5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    6, 7, 6, 7, 8

    7, 7, 5, 7, 8

    8, 5, 6, 7, 8

    If you notice the examples all have a set standard at the initial pushup.  We may approach this concept as a base and also, the count will be simpler and easier for your memory.  Just increase by 1 each day.  At first you will do it very easily.  Though, make sure you are doing it right.  Keep your back straight and hands symmetric.  Keep your head up as it will develop a good habit for you.  Remember that these moments in the starting act as a foundation for your exercise.  As you approach to about 30 as the initial, you can make the best judgement to increase the increments or possibly vary the exercise in way.  In my personal experience, increasing to 50 as the initial and then going into another pushup form like the diamond pushups and reset to the 30 increment mark.  By about 30 to 50 increment marks, you will develop a good sense in what to do next.  You can do diamond pushups, putting your feet up on a chair and perform pushups, and even hands up on a chair.  There are different variation that can help develop your exercise routine to accommodate your level.  Remember what you learned in the beginning as it is your foundation.  You will really experience the growth.  The next exercise is a bit cardio.  It is good to do a light run.  Though, to make it simply in the beginning, you can start with a bicycle kick by laying your back on the floor.  This will help your abs and core.  Start with 30, then to 50, and to 100.  You may increase as you like.  It is important to do the routine everyday as there will not be any regrets and it will be good for your body and mind.  Thus, you will create a groove.


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