Days of Tai Chi

Within the monolithic walls of the limestone karst, some towering mountains appearing as standing on as giant crane feet.  The night was lit with torches, beam on the faces of the rocky walls during the drive.  The stars above shared the infinite tinted blue, yet many stars present in the sky.  Since on the other side of the globe, many new stars appeared unfamiliar to a traveler in a new country.  Since within China, there must be a zodiac up there in the sky that shares its fortune with the fellow travelers who seeks its guidance.  Within the city of Yangshouzen, we opened the windows with the coming of perimeter of our destination catching the cool breeze of a summer’s night.  Going in Yangshouzen shared a sense of warmth and just going out within the rim of the city up a straight past just east of the limits is the Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School.

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The Subtlety of Yin and Yang

In a recent article of the Yin and Yang, we touched up upon the Trigrams as well as the Yin and Yang. The concept shares more than one aspect, thus when we try to define the laws of life and nature, we must remain with an open mind to the possibilities, so we can discern better the qualities of universal concepts. There are aspects of the Yin and Yang that helps define the nature of reality.

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The Power of the Pawn

Right on the front row with the fellow companions and ready for a siege awaiting orders from the king.  To the king as pawns, inline with other side as loyal soldiers inline with of vigor and courage stand ready before the battlefield.  Just about 400 yards of the battlefield stretched across the land  in between the two mighty kingdoms.  A trumpet played to see the movement of shuffling on the enemy territory.  Armaments of thousands stood straight up piercing the air as soldiers raised their swords wailing in a shadow swordplay before the real battle.  Suddenly an order to move just 200 yards up north, soldiers march in cadence on foot to a classic strategic location familiar as an opening to meet the other side.  With stance at ready, the air was cool, the silver sheets of armor reflected the rays of the daylight amongst each of the plates next to each other.  Suddenly, a move by an army just a few hundreds yards up ahead, a sounds grows as steps beat drum the earth upon the grassy plain.  Both parties stand ready at position…

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