The Power of the Pawn

Right on the front row with the fellow companions and ready for a siege awaiting orders from the king.  To the king as pawns, inline with other side as loyal soldiers inline with of vigor and courage stand ready before the battlefield.  Just about 400 yards of the battlefield stretched across the land  in between the two mighty kingdoms.  A trumpet played to see the movement of shuffling on the enemy territory.  Armaments of thousands stood straight up piercing the air as soldiers raised their swords wailing in a shadow swordplay before the real battle.  Suddenly an order to move just 200 yards up north, soldiers march in cadence on foot to a classic strategic location familiar as an opening to meet the other side.  With stance at ready, the air was cool, the silver sheets of armor reflected the rays of the daylight amongst each of the plates next to each other.  Suddenly, a move by an army just a few hundreds yards up ahead, a sounds grows as steps beat drum the earth upon the grassy plain.  Both parties stand ready at position…

Here is a little imagination of a chess board game in a real environment.  Each chess board is made up of a 64 square grid.  Within the chess board, are the pieces which includes the king, queen, bishop, knights, castles, and pawns.  Chess is a classic board game played all throughout the world.  Every piece has a special quality that helps the overall gameplay.  While the chess pieces have special movements, there is a piece that can be missed if not truly understood.  Up in the front are the pawns.  Usually described as a simple piece.  Yet there is a kind of special gift for the pawns play.


The pawn looks like a basic piece.  With the initial movements at two, mainly the pawn moves one space at a time.  It provides support from the beginning all the way throughout the game.  Pawns create a kind of field that each pawn can protect.  And when the pawn reaches to the other side, then it may become one of the main pieces like the queen, bishop, knight, and castle.  It is up to the players choosing.

In a deeper measure of the pawn, there are elements that a pawn has aspects of a strong character.  Pawns while just a little piece upon the board, has great potential in becoming the greatest piece in the game.  Examining the pawn in another perspective, it could be possible that we can follow that role.  Here are four possibilities of living as a pawn that could better your gameplay in life:

1. Potential Within Simplicity

When you first look at a pawn, it looks purely like a simple piece.  It is short and small, it’s moves are always going forward.  It can veer, yet only in the purpose of offensive play.  And there is a special move, though for the sake of simplicity, let’s keep it simple.  The moves are simple.  Simplicity in everyday life could really make a difference in feeling more wholesome.  Sometimes in life, we could have many ways to move.  Sometimes with many ways to move, it takes much to do.


Suppose having a job and you are trying to move up the ladder, your movements are based on projects to fulfill.  Let’s try to look at this in a real way, we also have family and life.  All three are interconnected in the real game of life.  We try to move up the ladder, and yet the ladder is based on your purpose.  It’s best to understand your purpose.  Sometimes a new gadget could help with our work or play, an exercise could help with health, and a good family event could help with bringing the family closer together.  Just make sure it is inline with your purpose and make sure that there are not many activities.  Simplicity keeps the purpose going.  Keep it simple.  We begin simple and life just feels like a wonderful cool breeze that just picks us up into the world.

2. Slow and Steady Approach

A pawn usually moves one step at a time.  As a pawn moves square by square, at a point within the game, it could reach the other side.  Just keep it up.  When you build your life, rushing may lead to gaps, while a good steady approach can help make sure all the gaps are filled.  As slow and steady meets a continual movement that works, then momentum can pick up.

3. A Little Piece with Great Possibilities

As we know, when a pawn reaches to the other side, it can become one of the ranking officers that stand as pillars lined with the king and queen.  It is even possible to be queen herself.  We all have a potential in life and we start small.  As we grow, making the effort day by day, we can move beyond our scope.  In essence, we could evolve.  There is a point in our lives where we make a jump.  That jump is a start of a whole new picture of life.

4. Working as a Whole

Each pawn moves up as we guide it.  As the match continues pawns support each other.  How about instead, vision the pawns as a team and better yet, a whole unit.  The pawn moves up together hand in hand.  In a way, it can act as border or limits.  Though, as the pawn moves up, it stretches its limit and at some point with proper order and skills, it becomes a very powerful ally.


Following the footsteps of a pawn, a little piece has quite a great impact toward the classic chess board game.  Its movements can save the kingdom that we try to protect.  Much of the advice of a pawn is common sense, though, are we really doing it.  Remember that a pawn is always supporting and moving forward.  It plays an offensive role, while a very good defensive role.  We can move like a pawn.  In a simple game of chess, we can portray life itself.  Perspective could be a little pawn or even the higher elites, though, we can also be in the perspective of castles, knights, bishops, and queens.  It is best to begin as pawn, and when you are ready, you can be what you love.  The next time you play a game of chess, appreciate the little pawn.  It can be one of your strongest pieces that would really help your strategy as the game unfolds.


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