Trigrams and the Yin and Yang

Have you ever come across a symbol of a circle and two colors inside?  How about coming across three bars usually with bars stacked in two pieces and bars as one?  Many times, you will find a them grouped together near the symbol of Yin and Yang.

The Korean flag has the Yin and Yang within four trigram sets around each corner of the circle and flag. The colors are red and blue. The spectrum of light that we see is between the two colors. Could it be the spectrums of the visible plane? Yin and Yang expresses a relationship between opposites. Opposites are not just light and dark and hot and cold, as well as big and little. It has a relation in energy or possibly better put as a force. Simply shown with a black and white representation, Yin is black and Yang is white.

There is a relationship between the two. Widely, the symbol of Yin is represented with black and a dot of white. Yang is white with a dot of black. This can mean that in one side there is a possibility of transition to the other. It is common to portray movies like Star Wars with the battle of the light and dark side. Vader in the final hour shows that in evil there is good and thus, becomes redeemed. There is a kind of push and pull with the Yin and Yang.


The trigrams are also known as the Bagua or Pa Kua and is interpreted to “Eight Symbols” in Chinese.  Rooted in Taoist Cosmology representing the principles of reality with eight concepts in the formation of the trigrams.  There is a possible way to describe the trigrams. Suppose the Yin as a bar represents stability. Yang as two small bars of one whole represents movement. We can have two feet together standing and be stable. In Tai Chi, a master gave a great example. If a person would stand grounded with two feet. The stance is a tree stance where the feet are rooted to the ground. Someone can push you, though will still become planted on the ground. Otherwise, if you are moving you can imagine what can happen. This may be a good example of Yin because it gives stability. How about Yang?

Yang in a way is of movement. We can also perceive yang in a way of expansion. We have a short bar across the floor. Suppose you make the bar to two. Then it is possible to place another bar in between. This expands the original bar.  We express Yang by studying in classes for college and learning about new concepts that spring up in the day to day basis. Even traveling to a new place and country we can express Yang. Movement can even be broadening our horizons. We could only understand so much up to the horizon. Growing up in a small town and moving to a city, we may say to Toto that it ain’t Kansas anymore. Did you ever feel like your world is small? Suddenly, you step into a new life and your understanding becomes twice fold. It’s necessary to express Yang.


Being in Yin too long is like sitting crossed legged on the floor for long periods at a time. Unless, you’re a monk who practices day in through to the night and sitting in meditation as a walk of life, by all means, it could work like a charm. For those who are a bit mild and new in the practice, it is best to sit to a period where it doesn’t strain. Too much could just keep your legs put and Yang calling out to you to get some circulation going on. You will know when you need it, just listen to your body. It could be good to stretch now and then in the meantime.

Yang can give us flexibility as well as being malleable. Suppose you have a blacksmith making a shield. Placing the cool flat sheet of metal inside of a forge, soon the piece glows with the heat all around. At that point, the blacksmith can bring the glowing sheet to be molded with a hammer. Making the right cuts, the right size and shape is made to the appropriate preference. The hammer hits the points throughout the sheeted metal and giving its form as well as pressing with the professional technique to give the fine touches like corners and emblems. As the process unfolds, we can examine that the shield moves from Yin to Yang. As it is cooled again, it becomes Yin yet again. The process moves like a relationship of stability and transition. The molding action moves to expanse the shield evolving from a thin sheet of metal to a glorified shield.


The trigrams give a kind of road map for the process of Yin and Yang.  This is just a way of thinking about the Trigrams and Yin and Yang.  Though, it is good to do the proper investigation.  Throughout all of time there are deep rooted explanations of the nature of reality and life.  We can take it upon ourselves to make the step forward in learning the aspects of our world.  Yin and Yang can be a simple concept.  The Trigrams further explain the laws of the Yin and Yang.  In our everyday life, Yin and Yang and the Trigrams tries to help explain the ways of life and nature.  It is a symbol that we may find all throughout.  There must be a reason why a symbol can have much importance.  There is a kind of mystery out there and sparking a thought like the Yin and Yang and Trigrams is a good place to start.

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