Days of Tai Chi

Within the monolithic walls of the limestone karst, some towering mountains appearing as standing on as giant crane feet.  The night was lit with torches, beam on the faces of the rocky walls during the drive.  The stars above shared the infinite tinted blue, yet many stars present in the sky.  Since on the other side of the globe, many new stars appeared unfamiliar to a traveler in a new country.  

Since within China, there must be a zodiac up there in the sky that shares its fortune with the fellow travelers who seeks its guidance.  Within the city of Yangshouzen, we opened the windows with the coming of perimeter of our destination catching the cool breeze of a summer’s night.  Going in Yangshouzen shared a sense of warmth and just going out within the rim of the city up a straight past just east of the limits is the Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School.

Tai Chi is a martial arts that practices in connecting in slow movement to make the connection in energies that circulate within the body.  Practices include even in association with the Yin and Yang.  Principles help understand the movements of the internal art.

It is said that Tai Chi practices to hone the inner hardness while the outside maintains the softness.  Imagine performing a move.  The inner hardness is the stability that one can obtain.  Stability is order and control.  It is like pivoting the foot.  Yet within a sparring match, moves move like a dance and the body is balanced and centered.  The outside is softness that a impact would instead be transferred.  The energy of a punch could be transformed.  The punch gives energy and the receiving moves the energy following its direction, routing it to the right measure needed.

The Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School teaches the ways of Tai Chi.  For almost a week long, the experience is unique and meaningful.  Here is a little entry of the time experienced.

Day 1: Qigong (Internal Energy Practice)

Energy begins at your Dantien, which acts as the energy center.  Energy is also known as Qi.  There are two circles of energy movement that circulate within the body.  There is the Inner Circle and the Outer Circle.  Both can be felt from back up your spine up your head and down to your nose and back down to your belly button back to your spine.

Day 2: Controlling Qigong

When releasing Qi, just release in short burst.  Release it with power and tension and then relax a second after.  Don’t forget to relax.

Day 3: Tai Chi Philosophy

The inner hardness helps create a good foundation and stability.  Everyday, live in virtue and be modest with all the different little changes.  The difference make you stronger.  With your body soft, keep your mind and heart focused and clean.

The Tai Chi relationship with the symbol of the Yin and Yang, begins with the circle.  The circle represents learning the form.  The curve in the circle is when the Tai Chi is mastered and links the Yin and Yang.

Day 4: Yin and Yang Energies


  • Water
  • From Kidney
  • Comes down
  • Night
  • Use up too much and can’t sleep
  • Circulates Yang


  • Fire
  • From Heart
  • Goes up
  • Morning
  • Use up too much and get tired
  • Pushes Yin energy

Yang and Yin Energies circulate each other.  Energy can be transferred if other people are open to it.  They must open their heart too.  We can get Yin and Yang energies from food.  Too much food, means to have too much Yang and then the effect is to get tired.  When a healthy person need more food, thus needs more Yang.  In this case, more Yang doesn’t get the effect of being tired.  If a weak person doesn’t need more food, because they have less requirements for Yang energy, the food is wasted.  Ideally, we want to balance the Yin and Yang Energies.

In the original philosophy of the Yin and Yang described, we must keep the body centered.  The body has an internal hardness, which can represent a pole at the center.  Let the rest of the body be soft so that we can transfer Yin and Yang energies better.

Day 5: Tai Chi Bow

With legs and feet together and standing tall, spread hands straight out horizontally.  Have left hand facing down in an open straight palm.  The right hand as a fist oriented in the way of the palm of the left.  The left open hand represents being humble and modest.  The right hand represents the Tai Chi art of vigor.  Bow with that connecting position for a normal way or push both hands out in position and slightly up for a way of respect.

Tai Chi is absolutely an amazing experience and would recommend to all.  Tai Chi can help you physical, mentally, and even spiritually.  Tai Chi incorporate the philosophy of the Yin and Yang in the the art.  Thus, each move in Tai Chi communicates the Tai Chi energies.  Each move from one to the other moves graciously.  The art begins slow as we begin to become in tune with our energies in our body.  In the process, we learn the form and it become natural in our lives.

Please Visit The Tai Chi School Online in the following link:

Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School

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