Build Bridges Not Walls

It’s not everyday that you are flying on an international flight and have 60 minutes to transfer.  During the hustling and bustling and while caught in the waves of rushing activity, emotions can flare.  From going from one place to another, you are still in the momentum.  It is like going along the currents of a moving river.  On one side of the river moves with pointed caps of water upon water.  The other side is quite calming and flowing.

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Simple Antenna

Walking around near the end of a parking lot, rooftops galore peer out of the city streets.  Many rooftops sits water wells, hanging lines for clothes, gardens, and antennas.  Many of the rooftops have all kinds of things when there is room to place.  Just right in front was a clear shot of an antenna that stands on the rooftop in clear view.  It stands simply on the rooftop without anything else.  Inspecting it further, the antenna was a bit rusted and looked old.  It had a wire running from the side of the building reaching to any of those who lived inside.

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5 Ways of Creating an Uplifting Environment

Waking up to a rainy day can bring a bit of glooms.  It may trouble you with a feeling of being a little off from the center from rain drops pelting on your doorsteps.  The usual sunshine outside painted with a blue sky, instead showing gray and dark clouds bunching with cumulus looming pillows.  The spark that graces you in the mornings could be brought back!  Your morning could feel as opening windows to the spring green and fresh air!

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