5 Ways of Creating an Uplifting Environment

Waking up to a rainy day can bring a bit of glooms.  It may trouble you with a feeling of being a little off from the center from rain drops pelting on your doorsteps.  The usual sunshine outside painted with a blue sky, instead showing gray and dark clouds bunching with cumulus looming pillows.  The spark that graces you in the mornings could be brought back!  Your morning could feel as opening windows to the spring green and fresh air!

With a cycle of looms and glooms, treading on the midst of rainy days could leave you in an awry chord.  Rather, let the reflection come from inside and let it not be a foggy mirror.

Many times there is a tendency to look beyond the scope of things and get affected by the weather conditions.  Weather conditions could be the rain, clouds, winds, and the sun.  While we could just put it to be strictly weather, conditions could even be translated to activities at work and school.  There are many influences that could affect us throughout our day.  Like a sponge, we could soak up every drop and the possibility of becoming a moldy sponge.  A moldy sponge doesn’t smell good.  It needs to be rinsed regularly and properly.

There are ways so that we could have preventative measures from possible awry influences in our morning.  We could come out of an enclosed bubble, free with a much better atmosphere.  With awareness and reflection, we must do.   Make a commitment and stick to it.  Now, let’s try to turn this around by making a positive uplifting environment.  Our environment gives a kind of vibration to us.  It sets a tone that we may be the way we could be.  We can try making little improvements that could prove to make a big change.  Improvements give an opportunity to make the needed steps to move freely throughout our day.  Thus, we may walk out in confidence of a great day.

Little improvement could begin at our very home.  Yes!  As mentioned, there is a kind of vibration the influences us throughout our day.  Even from the time you wake up from bed, the weather forecast could set the tone.  Though, there are other ways to create good quality in waking up.  Here are 5 ways of creating an uplifting environment.  These are just little steps that could make a big improvement for you.

1. A Clean Home

When you come to a new house, it is fresh.  It is fresh and clean.  Could we always make a house new, it is possible!  We must begin by making it clean.  Would you prefer a fresh salad?  Yes, it must be fresh!  Now, bring the perspective to your home and you will understand how it would feel.

2. Words of Wisdom

There are influences throughout our day that could set the tone.  You also have the power to create a positive impact.  Having little messages could inspire you.  Inspiration creates momentum in the soul.  It could be a simple magnet on the door that shares a wisdom of life.  It is just that simple.  Inside your wallet could be a little message.  It could even just be a simple word that could pick you up.  Try it.  Write on a little card and put a positive word.  For instance, “Bravery”, “Positive Thinking“, and “Confidence”.  Try finding words of virtue that fits you.

3. Space

Create space in your room.  Just like a clean home.  Space gives freedom.  Just open up your home.  During the winter seasons, wearing many clothes could restrain our movement and be uncomfortable if it is not appropriate.  If there is clutter, choose what you need.  With the extras, let it be for donations.

4. Giving a Special Touch

Giving meaning to your home gives a special kind of connection.  Meaning could be like creating a theme in your home.  When your home matches in a harmonic way, it is like Fengshui.  How about lighting an incense or candle in the morning and at night?  When lighting try to give a kind of meaning to it, by giving thanks to a good morning, day, and night.  Put pictures of friends and family up to give that special warmth, remembrance, and connection.

5. Nature

Nature is wonderful.  Nature gives in so many ways.  Trees help our air quality.  Having some plants inside could help give a better quality in your home’s atmosphere.  The green helps bring a natural affinity into your home.  Giving water everyday even helps in creating a loving home.

The examples of the 5 ways to help in rainy days are simple and easy to do.  These are only suggestions, though may serve you a great opportunity in creating a fulfilling day from the morning to night.  Over and above, you can give a much greater appreciation to your day.

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