Simple Antenna

Walking around near the end of a parking lot, rooftops galore peer out of the city streets.  Many rooftops sits water wells, hanging lines for clothes, gardens, and antennas.  Many of the rooftops have all kinds of things when there is room to place.  Just right in front was a clear shot of an antenna that stands on the rooftop in clear view.  It stands simply on the rooftop without anything else.  Inspecting it further, the antenna was a bit rusted and looked old.  It had a wire running from the side of the building reaching to any of those who lived inside.

Some rooftops could have the state of the art antenna, the ones with the satellite of all the channels with crystal clear high definition displays.  It is a wonder if is it really necessary to have perfection to get the best programs television has to offer.  Suppose it would be nice, but is it necessary?

Even then as standing outside in the fresh air overview in the exchange of contemplation of household necessities, the thought and feeling of what is really needed arose.  It reminded the need toward simplicity.  Zooming out a bit is a beautiful view of the city.

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