Build Bridges Not Walls

It’s not everyday that you are flying on an international flight and have 60 minutes to transfer.  During the hustling and bustling and while caught in the waves of rushing activity, emotions can flare.  From going from one place to another, you are still in the momentum.  It is like going along the currents of a moving river.  On one side of the river moves with pointed caps of water upon water.  The other side is quite calming and flowing.

While in the movement, the outside situations could possible affect you within.  The influences could cause instability in yourself.  One of the aspects of yourself is your emotion.  We may address emotion as a temporary aspect of you.  While within heighten activity, your emotions could have the tendency to swing causing a shift from a good persona to a bad one.  If you put some awareness on the waves of activity that occurs within you and around you, you can return yourself in the rightful state of mental clarity to become once again collected and in top shape.

We can choose which momentum of emotion we may be a part of.  We can imagine emotion like the river of two courses of moving water as described above.  On one side is raging waters.  And the other side much calmer.  Inside upon the river bed, the ground could be much coarser and bumpier on one side and the other smoother, while both going in the same direction.

We may choose which flow we wish to go.  While in the midst of much activity, we could recognize the activities at play.  Life gives you challenges and you have the opportunity to step up to the challenge.

Your emotion in a way communicates depending on how you respond to a situation.  Just like how we communicate socially, our emotion can rub onto others.  You can give a moment a positive swing.  We must have a good understanding of others, sharing compassion and other good values.  We essentially are building a kind of bridge to others all around us or walls.  While walls keep us apart, bridges connect us and bring us together.

Throughout your day, we need to be aware of the possibilities at play.  Our environment influences us and we can give the proper influence steering into the right direction.  Thus, promoting a better stability emotionally and direction with yourself and others.

Build bridges not walls.  – TLH

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

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