Meaning in Everything

When you look at a painting, you can find that there is meaning within the matted board of colored pigments.  Drawn from the layers of details upon the face of the artist’s creation, a deeper meaning resides that uncovers the artist’s intent.  In the little details, we may discover a reflection of our own, a way of touching our very being.  Art has a way of channeling to us a quality that goes beyond that of the ordinary.

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5 Ways to Move Beyond Monotony

Just the other day, I was talking to friend who had a deep question.  It was a question about life.  He asked, what is a way out of doing the same things everyday, working in a days job, then going to the gym to exercise and workout, and finally going home.  For the next morning, you come again to the repeating pattern.  The way he described it was as if his life was in monotony.  He asked this question, because it was important and he wanted to find a solution.

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