5 Ways to Move Beyond Monotony

Just the other day, I was talking to friend who had a deep question.  It was a question about life.  He asked, what is a way out of doing the same things everyday, working in a days job, then going to the gym to exercise and workout, and finally going home.  For the next morning, you come again to the repeating pattern.  The way he described it was as if his life was in monotony.  He asked this question, because it was important and he wanted to find a solution.

There could be many answers to a life in a monotonous cycles.  Before jumping right in, we should properly define what is monotony.  In lamens terms, it describes a cycle of repeating mundane patterns.  In other words life may be a bit grey, possibly black and white.  When in the position of recognizing, movements may seems a bit mechanical and robot like.  Sometimes days move in a blink of an eye.  Realizing that your day just turned to night.  What really transpired during your day?  When asked, you may describe days to be boring and dull.

In this article, we are finding ways of coming out of the cycles of what may feel like being in a trench, where green grass and sky are just over your eyes to see.  Here are 5 simple examples that may help you to add a special hue in your life and thus, you could be better connected and complete.

1. Small Adjustments

Make a small adjustment in your life.  It is like when you bring your hands together with fingers making a portrait imaginary camera.  You rotate it slightly to get a proper image.

2. Exploration

Exploration can give you an opportunity to move from your box discovering the world around.

3. Friends

Share life with a friend as a friend helps ignite that special spark we need.  Be open and share your passion.  Friends can help lift you from the tints of monotony.

4. Write About Life’s Details

Write what happen in your life describing the details.  Life just might spring up.

5. Ask Your Question Truly

If you just ask that important question you have about life every day.  You may ask it to yourself, friend, and family.  When you ask, you ask truly.  When you ask truly, in a way it touches you and goes beyond the common grounds.

There are simple methods to have you come out of monotony into a vibrant life.  These are just brief examples we may reflect upon.  Between two colors is the whole spectrum.  Life can be black and white and with colors.  Nevertheless, life can always have that special spark that keeps us going healthy and well.

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