Meaning in Everything

When you look at a painting, you can find that there is meaning within the matted board of colored pigments.  Drawn from the layers of details upon the face of the artist’s creation, a deeper meaning resides that uncovers the artist’s intent.  In the little details, we may discover a reflection of our own, a way of touching our very being.  Art has a way of channeling to us a quality that goes beyond that of the ordinary.

Likewise, we can also see the art within our daily lives.  While walking down a road, you can take a moment and realize that a painting is right in front of you.

How can you find meaning at a moment’s glance?  Just simply imagine an art piece in front of you.  Remember as you paint you begin at a special touch.  Ask yourself, what is the meaning of what you are seeing.  At first, it will take practice as in all things of life.  There is a special chemistry of reflection and contemplation that can uncover meaning before your very eyes.

With a bit of imagination and good thought, you can find that right in front of you is a meaningful painting which you can call art.

First, believe in the world—that

there is meaning behind everything.

– Swami Vivekananda

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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