From Temporary to Everlasting

Living in a fast-paced world that changes before our fingertips, there are aspects of ourselves that seem to be fleeting.  Growing up in life, we can reflect on our evolution from an early age through the middle ages growing up to college and our careers.

Thinking hard enough, things came even those things that we have gone through so much to acquire.  Some could be very memorable, while here and there can be shades of knick knacks that bestows a slice of joy in life.  Likewise, there are mementos that are with us even to the very present.  Mementos are just touching the tip, while diving into our inner life, we can even discover that we have aspects of ourselves that continued to now.

Once you wear some new slacks, business casual right out of the bag, you feel that fresh new feel as well as smell of new pants.  Just got a new pair of sneakers to start you off to a new start getting you committed to exercise daily, and a tee just straight from the printing press with screen prints right on the front and back.  After wearing a few days, it needs to be washed to clean from any stains, marks, and grimes.  Washing a few times changes the feeling depending on whether you use hand washing and even with softeners.  Surviving bed bugs and such as well as shrinkage incidents.  Your shirt could just be replaced by a new tee.  Though, we all have our favorites that we love that live with us for many years of our lives and possibly for life.

Before we get deep, we need to understand the concepts of temporary and everlasting.  In a nutshell, temporary is something that is fleeting.  It is something like a cloud passing through the sky coming with a shape bunched in interest and wonders, then passing to become a clear sky again.  Everlasting can be described as eternal and infinite and could touch to spiritual qualities of ourselves like our soul.  It is an aspect that is always with us.  In the course of our lives, we can describe something very special to us that could be inline with everlasting.

We may easily see that the close we wear physical.  Though, when we move beyond our physical attire, there are aspects of ourselves that gives a much better everlasting touch for us.  Looking at the human body, we can see the clothes we wear, when we go inwards, we have body shape and fitness.  Even within, it comes to our titles and roles, images could also be in play.  As we continue we can move to education and intellect.  As drawing even closer within ourself, we can bring up our values, good values that could sustain throughout our entire lives.

As we walk into our inner life, we can discover that life has temporary and everlasting aspects.  The examples are as follows:


Clothing is the outmost that we are going to describe.  It is something to put on during a cold day, as well as for a hot day depending on the flow of the season.  A new shirt has its collar fitted well with your neck, while a worn shirt needs to be very special to look past the stretching.  If we wear it new, it is vibrant, yet after wash after wash it becomes old.  Looking past the holes can express a special likeness.  For clothes, we can shop and get the latest trends.  With many outfits, it could be easily to see that clothing is probably at most of being temporary.


Our body is always growing in some way and coming in many shapes and sizes.  Our body is usually defined by our eating habits.  For healthy and fitness inclined, you will notice that when you exercise, there are clothes all throughout you may wear.  When you become fit, you don’t look base your confidence more on clothes, rather, your presence is more of the fitness and health.


As we breakthrough our physique, we can easily notice that occupation and titles give an everlasting role on our lives.  Jobs and careers help us notice how we fit in life and society.  Just be mindful with the ego and keep the appreciation, respect, and openness in all advancements.


Learning about life and the world can give a great everlasting impact throughout your life.  We can have a read, study, and have a college degree as we approach to better our knowledge of life and the world.  Not only being in book smarts, though living in knowledge of what we learn is when we will gain wisdom.


Values touch up on something golden that begins when you are very young and could be with you your entire life.  Values include kindness, love, compassion, courage, determination, faith, self-discipline, and cooperation.  Throughout your life you may be a loving angel friends with all, having a sense of responsibility, live in honesty, filled with creativity, and follow in excellence.

As we approach our inner life, looking inward, we can even touch up on our spiritual nature and soul.  Of course we start with something temporary, though, where are you setting your self on.  Going inwards, you can discover the possibilities of something golden in life.

What is your focus toward?  We need to see ourselves inwardly, rather than be focused on points that just draw us out in the temporary cycles that occur in our lives.  At this moment, you can reflect and contemplate your main focus on life.  Is it temporary or everlasting?

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