Attitude is a Key to Life

It is simple to say that the attitude we give ourselves represents a doorway to life.  It can be open or locked.  Our attitude in a way is like a reflection of ourselves upon the world.  If we bring ourselves by the means that goes against a means to success, we can affect ourselves in are endeavors of life.  We must also note not to block or hinder the natural course of things and adjust accordingly.  Even from within, there is a state of harmony.  The attitude can be as our altitude.  Either living low or living high, as we live accordingly, we can help with our attitude in the walk toward the door of success.

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The Kaleidoscope Effect

When we bring up a Kaleidoscope, we are reminded of a childhood toy scope.  The colorful images take shape upon each turn that we shift creates new images that branch as an essence of the original.  Each image come before us as fractal shards displaying before our very view.  The glass art mirroring each aspect in symmetric patterns reveals to us creative possibilities to enlighten a child’s mind and could even touch us as grown-ups.  It is a simple invention that we can all love.

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Conscious Breathing and Exercises

From the day we were born within every moment of our lives, there has been a constant continual movement within our very body.  The movement comes in as silent as ever, though upon noticing, our awareness brings into attention.  Each movement moves into each part of the whole from the head to the toes, energizing our brain, and encompassing our bodies warmth as it passes through the arteries and veins of our heart.  An inner network at hand that waves its cycles flowing into ourselves giving and helping our body to life.  Our breath is a vital source within our body and our world, each and everyday is in constant flow of movement coordinating with all function within ourselves.

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