Conscious Breathing and Exercises

From the day we were born within every moment of our lives, there has been a constant continual movement within our very body.  The movement comes in as silent as ever, though upon noticing, our awareness brings into attention.  Each movement moves into each part of the whole from the head to the toes, energizing our brain, and encompassing our bodies warmth as it passes through the arteries and veins of our heart.  An inner network at hand that waves its cycles flowing into ourselves giving and helping our body to life.  Our breath is a vital source within our body and our world, each and everyday is in constant flow of movement coordinating with all function within ourselves.

In this article, we will explore the breath through three breath exercises that you may practice and all three are levels that can be in conjunction with each other:

Breath Exercises:

1. Breath Awareness:

Breathe into your lungs with awareness of each passing moment.  From each element into your body, be aware of your breath and read the movement as passing the vital points of your body to help you to be guided with your breath.  Remember that breath is simple and doesn’t require anything extra, just you.  As you bring your attention to your breath you can follow each movement well.  Your brain develops noticing your movements more readily.  Making deep slow rhythmic breaths, you can keep your breath centered in a way that it remains harmonious within your body.  You do not need to breathe too hard or too soft.  You give the right amount according to your own.  In a simple summary, you may begin with breathing in through your nose.  It then goes through the intersection of your head and travels along your neck to your lungs.  Imagine it in your stomach touching your naval core and circling back up to your lungs, neck, and out of your mouth.

2. Coordinating Your Breath:

Here is a simple method to help coordinate your breath.  Simply place your tip of your tongue touching the upper part of your mouth.  It will help the flow by clearly shooting toward your lungs on your breath, helping give a kind of a boost continuing with the method of the deep slow rhythmic breaths.  It really helps with awareness of your breath and even helps you center your breath.  By centering, your breath is rhythmic with your body and mind.  You basically get a good well-rounded breath.  Breathing in as it flows inhaling into your body.  Try to bring it into your naval area as it encompasses it the best you can do to reach your whole lung area.  When exhaling, let it exhale slowly up until a little capacity and breathe it out with a bit of force.  This helps clean and clear your lungs for the new oxygen to come in.

3. 3 Point Breath Exercise:

Here is a really good method in accordance with the 1st and 2nd Breath Exercise Methods.  Having Breath Awareness and Coordinating Your Breath comes a simple exercise to help your conscious breathing.  The exercise will work with your lower, middle, and upper region of the breath area.  First, Breathe through your nose, imagining air energy coming into your body.  Once a good deep breath is achieved, then hold it up at your upper area at your chest for 2 seconds.  Then, move your breath into your middle area for 1 second.  And move it to your stomach naval area for 4 seconds.  At this point, imagine your breath being circled around.  Move your breath again to your middle area for 1 second and then return it to your upper area for 2 seconds.  Remember the technique of Breath Awareness as you go along as well as Coordinating Your Breath as you breathe in and breathe out.  Repeat this methods with counts of 4:2:8:2:4, along with 8:4:16:4:8 with practice, etc.  You will notice a bit of warmth in your body as the air moves with your body, air brushes up on your inner area and like rubbing two hands together creating warmth within you.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.” “Breath is the finest gift of nature. Be grateful for this wonderful gift.”

– Nhat Hanh

It could be said to be the main vital source of need for you.  There are many talks of exercising your physical body of the legs, arms, chest, and core.  While all is great to do, let us all remind ourselves and remember that the breath is needed for life and gives life to all parts of your body.  Just like exercising your body getting stronger, your breath gets stronger as well.  In strength, your breath becomes channeled much better.  The inner workings of your breath and body exchanges in harmony.  The space from your lungs to your throat and even mouth is much clearer to flow the breath.  Thus, let’s bring our consciousness to our breath and remember that it is a vital role in our lives.

The three exercises are a simple guideline that will help train you into conscious breathing.  Be sure to practice within your daily exercises.  Just do it for 5 minutes and with each day practiced, you will begin to feel much better.  Happy Breathing!

Photo by radu emanuel on Unsplash

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