Rounding Up

When correcting an error simply do by rounding up.  When ever dealing with numbers in our head, rather dealing with the loose change we round up to the nearest whole.  It has been a method we have all been doing since growing up.  Also noting, a positive feeling arises when rounding up.  It is simple and a good philosophy to live by.

Correct errors not in judgement for the wrong in a strict definition, instead be a helping friend.  If an error occurs, help give a caring touch in correcting.  This method is for our own self as well as for others.

The expression of rounding up is coherent with how we look at things.  The ideal is to look in a way of optimism.  Rounding up corrects situations for the better.  It also enables us to teach.  When an opportunity of teaching arises, it can help benefit to make the solution into a reality.  It is like hitting the chord softly and lightly.  Life needs a delicate touch.  Treat life in acts of kindness and respect to help in rounding up. 🙂

Photo by Carl Newton on Unsplash

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