3 Positions of Meditations

Meditations comes in many postures and forms in the way of practice.  With all the ways of practice out there, it is recommended to be in the best comfortable position.  We need to be in a position that is in harmony with our body, mind, and soul so that we may practice to our potential.  Harmony is in the way related to an ease of practice.  While disharmony is of disease.  Thus, being in ease we can better be centered in our meditation.

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Can’t Just Look

Right in front of us everyday, life pours its beauty, bounds and bounds of opportunities and invitations at our fingertips.  We only need to welcome and in return give the proper curtsy in respects of the dance that fairs in front of us.  Without too much hesitation, one may accept the dance hand in hand presented in life’s moments.  In that moment, life then springs from its potential that was kept at each and every moments grasp.  We hold within us the power to participate in life to step in the circle of the moments frontier.

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Simplicity, Patience, Compassion

As we open up our life, our life will open up to us.  In the process of  life, we must remember simplicity, patience, and compassion.  Even though, the quote is by Lao Tzu, these three values are amongst all of us.  Life is like a delicate flower that we must grow.  Should we give too much water, it may be too strong, our vision of growth may limp.  Too much less than it can wither.

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It was just before a tournament at the races.  Preparing for an event at the swim meet, is dually needed to get over the butterflies.  Pressure in a way can build up in the way making through with our arms.  While swimming, one may dive in to gain latitude swimming up the lane.  With feet kicking and hands swimming, nose deep in the waters, the vision is through the goggles within the bubbling splashing one may make within each stroke.  Each moment needs a moment in breath and in that moment the view emerges from the watery depths between the dark and lightness of the pool.  Each moment again repeats in the gradually progression to make a lap within the rounds in practice.

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When the wheel turn for the first time from smoothen stone, it is a lot better than moving solid rock with uneven sides.  The first wheels many could imagine could come from the caveman.  Suppose as an upper level caveman degree, a lofty idea to turn straight sides into rounded sides could help bring about efficiency in the whole carrying goods and others as well.  Upon a little research the first wheel was intended in pottery making, yet still within to the concept of momentum.

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