When the wheel turn for the first time from smoothen stone, it is a lot better than moving solid rock with uneven sides.  The first wheels many could imagine could come from the caveman.  Suppose as an upper level caveman degree, a lofty idea to turn straight sides into rounded sides could help bring about efficiency in the whole carrying goods and others as well.  Upon a little research the first wheel was intended in pottery making, yet still within to the concept of momentum.

Momentum could be easily seen as a physical way to describe the movements of pushing and pulling an object.  Driven from speeds of zero mph to 60, one can use some physics of x’s and y’s to solve a problem with the variables of mass and velocity.  Yet one can give a moment in good thought to find that we can have our whole life as steps within the fields of momentum.  It just takes a shift in reflection and perspective.  In the broad perspective, our world moves in constant momentum, which also moves in constant momentum within the solar system, and reaching to our universe.

How about momentum in our daily lives?  We are always in momentum in some way.  Suppose you are in college.  You have studied all your life to keep the momentum of studying as well with intellect.  A moment in breath could help lift toward a great summer vacation.  If instead heading straight to a job, some studying skills might need some brushing up to get back in gear in education if needed.  Inside your home, you keep a daily routine, finally pulling a good chest workout doing bench presses.  You can build your momentum everyday, it is a slow and steady approach from various ways to help bring a healthy body and good way of living.

Slow and Steady wins the race. – Robert Lloyd

Remember, momentum could be in good habit and bad habits.  Just be sure to be in good habits as it can enrich your daily life.  Please refer to the blog entry about “Creating Grooves” in a related article in regards to momentum.  Remember that momentum is very important in life as it can provide a key in living well. Just like a little sprout, in all life, it has a momentum and grows into what nature intended.  Hope you all are sprouting in good momentum.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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