It was just before a tournament at the races.  Preparing for an event at the swim meet, is dually needed to get over the butterflies.  Pressure in a way can build up in the way making through with our arms.  While swimming, one may dive in to gain latitude swimming up the lane.  With feet kicking and hands swimming, nose deep in the waters, the vision is through the goggles within the bubbling splashing one may make within each stroke.  Each moment needs a moment in breath and in that moment the view emerges from the watery depths between the dark and lightness of the pool.  Each moment again repeats in the gradually progression to make a lap within the rounds in practice.

As in a practice in swimming, fortitude in a way is to provide the needed strength for the body, mind, and spirit.  We have an opportunity in the virtue of fortitude, simply in exercise and practice.  Exercise is to build up and practice is to keep in the rhythm.

It is easy to notice that fortitude can build our strength and endurance in our physical body.  Our mental body needs it in a sense of stability and balance so we can be unwavered through challenges that we might face.  In spirit, we remain determined throughout all our adventures.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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