Can’t Just Look

Right in front of us everyday, life pours its beauty, bounds and bounds of opportunities and invitations at our fingertips.  We only need to welcome and in return give the proper curtsy in respects of the dance that fairs in front of us.  Without too much hesitation, one may accept the dance hand in hand presented in life’s moments.  In that moment, life then springs from its potential that was kept at each and every moments grasp.  We hold within us the power to participate in life to step in the circle of the moments frontier.

We hold within us the power to participate in life. – TLH

In strictly observation, how may we be in touch with life’s little invitations.  It is very good to investigate the situation, though in investigation there entails a need to unravel the mysteries of the old and new.  One cannot just dance around in circles all the time, instead there must be play and interaction.

Choosing which partner to play and interact has a way of patience and courage in participation.  Not to jump in too soon as sweet as it may sound and not to let partners wait too long to sour.  In front of us could be mingling or courted gestures of greetings and bows.  In all, there is a fair play of life interacting in dance.

Suppose you meet a friend.  Greetings are great, though if recalling the idea of dancing, we need to just step up and share thoughts of a good day.  Suppose you could pick a school or career.  Remember that it is an opportunity for you.  To move up, you must find what is right and go forward.

We must always remember that life gives us participation at every corner.  There is an invitation and we can hold the invitation cards to come in the ball room of life.

Photo by Andrew Rice on Unsplash

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