Simple Science of Black and White

When we look at colors, it is within the spectrum of what our eyes can see.  The colors that seem to be the most pronounced is black and white.  These two colors work within the spectrum, yet are in a way opposites.  They are opposites in their functions, yet between each other correlate like night and day.

Two colors mixed produces a color within the spectrum.  When many colors are mixed, it can form the color black.  White can also turn to black once mixed with a color and another and another, etc. White does have an aspect where it is made up of all the color of the rainbow.  When painting, we need to make sure the strength of colors we are using.

On a hot summer day, the colors we choose means well.  For instance, if wearing the color black, our clothes becomes very warm.  It can be hot depending on the day.  Black absorbs the light.  Absorption is like of a sponge wear water is within.  Choosing to wear black on a day of sun and wind could show promise.  While being heated, you get the right amount of cooling and will be properly balanced.  Choosing white reflects sunlight.  It is recommended on a hot day with little or no wind.  We could imagine the reason why Romans wore white togas even Greeks as well as in the Egyptian times.

This may seem kind of obvious, yet is it really?  How do we use simple science of black and white in our daily lives?  If life is full.  Literately full of things, busy life, stuff, you name it.., it becomes like the color black.  We could also imagine density as well as colors on top of colors, in laymans stuff on top of stuff.  Imagine life as wearing a mink coat the whole time, layer upon layer, it could be awfully hot at times.  This is only describing an extremity.  At times, warmth is needed.  We need necessary things, priorities to fulfill life, making connections.  We just need enough to be warm.

Wearing white, we can reflect light.  Suppose in this case, we are not wanting all the extras.  So we don’t need to have so much heat in our life.  Since white is made up of all the colors, it can be of all the colors in the rainbow.  So sometimes, you may need to be the color blue or red, possibly green and color in between like light blue.  While in the heat of life, we are sometimes caught in a mess.  When in Rome, do what the romans do, is the expression.  In other words, we may go with the flow.

Colors are a simple way of living in our life.  These are just examples and a kind of perspective working with colors, yet we may find ways of colors in our own ways in discovering possibilities.  For now, when some asks that we need some color in life, let’s begin with some basics of black and white so we may discover the better possibilities of what is between.

Thank you for reading!

Photo by Noah Rosenfield on Unsplash

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