80 20 Rule

Could there possibly be a guideline providing a way that helps maintain a healthy nutritious life and even giving us room for something special?  Today’s topic is about the “80 20 Rule” and its purpose is to help deliver a way to balance life in all respects.  It’s best to make life simple, yet to provide our well being and growth in a good direction.  The 80 20 can be applied to many natures of our lives and it is a way of being nurturing as well as to give you the special qualities needed.

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A Little Look Into Stairs

It just occurred a possible meaning of stairs that could be evident to us easily.  Stairs come in as steps toward an upper or lower region.  It may sound like an obvious point.  How about the point that stairs are comprised of the horizontal and vertical to help with our steps in the walkway we need to go.  Is it worthy of our observation?  We can look upon stairs at a story high mall, between alley ways, or maybe apartment building seeing plainly as way to go from point A to B.  How about taking it further with the imagination of infinite stairs?  That will surely make us tired at some point.  Stairs are made to get from one platform to the next.  Platforms are a kind of ground in some way that is stable.  As we traverse from one platform to another, we are moving between two stable levels.

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