A Little Look Into Stairs

It just occurred a possible meaning of stairs that could be evident to us easily.  Stairs come in as steps toward an upper or lower region.  It may sound like an obvious point.  How about the point that stairs are comprised of the horizontal and vertical to help with our steps in the walkway we need to go.  Is it worthy of our observation?  We can look upon stairs at a story high mall, between alley ways, or maybe apartment building seeing plainly as way to go from point A to B.  How about taking it further with the imagination of infinite stairs?  That will surely make us tired at some point.  Stairs are made to get from one platform to the next.  Platforms are a kind of ground in some way that is stable.  As we traverse from one platform to another, we are moving between two stable levels.

In reflection of our lives, we take steps toward a goal and purpose we need to fulfill.  For example, in education, the stairs and steps include the years in college for instance.  In business, steps could include climbing over a wall of social mobility, climbing the ladder to financial freedom.  In family, steps could be to provide security and stability in the home.

Going a little deeper, we can imagine and investigate the horizontal and vertical aspect of the stairs.  Ideally stairs are a way of providing a bridge from one platform to the next.  Here are some keys to be aware of when stepping up onto stairs:

1. If moving in a constant horizontal step, how could we progress.  Remember stairs are meant to have both horizontal and vertical movements.

2. If moving in a constant vertical step, it is just too hard.  We can plainly see that unless becoming Spiderman, only vertical steps will be a bit tough.  Suppose we could have strong upper body strength becoming a climber using are hands and feet.

3. If climbing 1000 steps, we need rest and need the horizontal to give the proper rest.

4. Stairs are not meant to be confusing.  Have you ever taken steps going up, down, up, and down repeating like a circus ride?  (Well there were these stairs at a movie theatre in a shopping complex building.  It was a doozy.  It was kind of funny when it happened, yet knew it is not meant to be that way.)  Steps ought to be honest and reliable.

These are just a few of the scenarios regarding the stairs.  With the scenarios, try to reflect the concepts based on our lives.  Here is an example with moving only horizontal steps, our life could be in a robotic way of living.  We need life in life.  Life is that special spark that drives us make the next step.  When taking stairs, in a way is like a promise of getting to one place to the other, it is walk of trust.  We can all think of many ways of walking on stairs and how it portrays on our life.  The idea is to contemplate and reflect a better approach in life to bring us up from a situation.  Well, the next time you take a step on stairs, you can surely notice that each stair is made of steps.  In life, we can take on step at a time to get to where we need to go.

Thank you for reading!

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG on Unsplash

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