80 20 Rule

Could there possibly be a guideline providing a way that helps maintain a healthy nutritious life and even giving us room for something special?  Today’s topic is about the “80 20 Rule” and its purpose is to help deliver a way to balance life in all respects.  It’s best to make life simple, yet to provide our well being and growth in a good direction.  The 80 20 can be applied to many natures of our lives and it is a way of being nurturing as well as to give you the special qualities needed.

First let’s take a look into the 80 20.  Why 80 20?  When adding the numbers together, it sums up to 100.  80 20 is best to be understood as a percentage.  It is good to apply one’s life in 100% in efforts of thriving for a better life and future.  The purpose of 80 is pace toward a healthy way of life.  Putting 80% of our practice and well being into pacing and honing ourselves in good shape as well as providing a good rhythm to go the long haul.  20 on the other hand holds the special qualities that help give life value and worth, in essence it is something which we need and that of which we love.

How is the 80 20 Rule applied?  The following are examples to the 80 20 Rule.

Healthy Eating

A great example is maintaining a proper diet and eating healthy.  For 80% of the day, make sure you eat healthy, for instance 80% is toward healthy food.  Your body needs the proper healthy regime to keep you in good shape.  It needs a good pace of proper food intake.  You give your body a message.  The message is to eat healthy and be healthy.  So then you become healthy.  If on the flip side, you eat much junk food, your message to your body becomes in the flavors of what you eat (well I don’t have to say as you can imagine at this point).  Eating all kinds of foods can give mixed messages to your body and to you.  It will be blatantly apparent.  The solution is to give your body pace, giving the right signals so you and your body can respond well with each other.  This means for 80% eat healthy.  If you are a vegan, eat as a vegan giving that message for your regime.  If you eat a low calorie diet, then maintain by eating not much in this way.  If just to be healthy, then be healthy and stick to it.  In the 20%, you can savor in the qualities of life.  The 20% could be having something sweet.  20% could be that push toward a new taste.  Now keeping in mind that you are still maintaining the 80 to working with the 20.


A routine effort in exercising such as taking a brisk jog around the block.  You generally pace yourself, not the uphill battle from block to block.  The rhythm where you move is not in a struggle, though in a flowing way.  You will know, because you will be better comfortable with your situation.  So do the 80 and pace yourself.  The 2o is when reaching toward a certain point such as nearing your home.  You can give a good sprint to your exercise to help build that strength, which will help the whole exercise in exercises to come.  Possibly in the run, you can make sure that your route consist of a little uphill to help build stronger legs and endurance.  The 20 can also be perceived as a way of evolving your exercise.  It gives the opportunity for growth.


It is not always about doing something to achieve something great.  In life, it is important to rest as it helps complete a cycle of activity and could prepare ourselves for growth and to reenergize to a healthy potential when beginning anew again.  Suppose 80 is your work day, then make sure you give the needed rest in the 20 to help your whole being to catch up to your pace.

Work and Life takes it to a broader concept of your day.  Help your body, mind, and spirit with the needed balance to live a good life.  Your focus with the 80 20 is up to you, giving the needs to better your life.  The 80 20 Rule can be practiced with the many aspects of your life. In the course of our life, we may wonder what is life about?  There are the many questions that go beyond the normal schemes of daily works.  Try to remember to keep life simple using the 80 20 Rule and throughout the course of your life, you can find fulfillment in your inner need.  Hope you have a great day applying the 80 20 Rule!

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

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