What Pulls You Upward and Downward?

To kickstart the career in our lives, there should be a recognition of what is best for us to achieve our highest ambitions.  We are living in a life with movements pulling upward and downward.  Pulls from right to left could be occurring from little to big, all while factors of life’s nuances shows up at our door steps.  Activities in are life could be simple to come to mind, yet can go on unobserved.  The first step is to bring up the awareness of activities that could benefit a better possible future.  At the same time, the step includes the awareness of what hinders the better possibilities.

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Simply… Just Sit

Suppose you wake up for a 5 o’clock in the morning shift, hitting the snooze button to get that little ounce of rest to move the blankets right off the bed getting you up to get ready.  Right off the bat, you turn on the bathroom faucet giving a moment for the water to become warm.  Letting breakfast sit for a bit, because it just got off the burner.  Starting the car, you turn on the heat just enough to remove the fogged windows.  On your way to work, you drive through the normal traffic until arriving.  Then work mode kicks in and you go from one task to another.  During your break, you pull out your phone to checkout the news.  After work, you pick up some groceries for supper and hit the gym.  On your way home, you turn on some tunes and arrive home.  After dinner, you go prepare your the new day and off to bed for the new day.

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True Knowledge Exists

The world around us is like an oyster, if we are willing to open it up, we may find a pearl.  As life opens up, we build brick and mortar the works of our endeavors.  Continuing to build piece by piece our life.  As the building continues, there could be a point that a wall is right in front of you.  You could imagine standing right in front of your life.  On one side, you look up at what you have made and realized the work of your life is monumental.  Looking back, each piece is made up of giving you a hand in shaping in accordance to your life.  In the process of building, one can look at each piece.  How is wear and tear?  Does it fit?  Is it color coordinated?  Does it match?  Questions are good to ask in proper discernment of life.

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